Friday, August 7, 2009

John Hughes, 1950-2009

While I usually try to stick to politics or philosophy or religion, or anything that usually stirs up shit, I have to take time out when people important to forming my very worldview die.

John Hughes
, from whom I have occasionally borrowed video clips to make entertaining points, was definitely one of those. Like the rant in the above video clip, I've pretty much seen all those movies, except without said crying like a bitch with a skinned knee and shit.

So like all artists, it's best to remember him within his medium:

First, a couple of trailers, because there's no one clip that captures the movie best.

And to top it off, the best of the best:


rockync said...

Ohh, that's too bad. I must admit to many of his films being my guilty little pleasure.
My favorite was probably Uncle Buck.

Anonymous said...

I loved Breakfast Club personally! It's sad to hear that he died!!