Monday, January 4, 2010

First Post of 2010 and the First 2010 AOTW

Well, it's a new year, and we only have ten months or so before we can vote out the Democrats and big-government  Republicans, and maybe replace them with competent people.  Of course, this is mostly my optimism squeaking through.  So I'm just going to cover some things in brief since I really haven't posted anything other than Asshat posts (including this one below).

Exploding Undies -First of all, I'm not particularly upset over it, because we were bound to have a breach and an attempt to attack us get through.  It is inevitable.  We are dealing with pieces of shit who take years, even decades, study us, and exploit our weaknesses, freedoms, and inability to pay fucking attention to anything not on American Idol.  I'm glad, in fact, that there was a successful breach that was stopped by a combination of luck and individual initiative, because these kinds of things might be enough to get the Obama administration to keep up the fight (a concern we who do not worship the ground he walks on have had since he was elected).  We have three years at a minimum.  In fighting terrorists, NO AMERICAN wants Obama to fail.

Having said that, statements like Janet Napolitano's "The system worked," show rank stupidity.  Speeches won't make us safer, only raghead Islamic terrorist bodies stacked up like cordwood will.  My advice to the administration:  Stop talking, fix the problems, BE QUIET ABOUT IT, and if nothing in our country blows up between now and November of 2012, you've done that part of the job well.

Rush(ed) to the Hospital - Not much to say here other than I'm glad I don't have to eulogize him (and subsequently start comment moderation).  The fact that there was no obvious problem, though gives me concern that this was drug related.  Hate to have to say that, but when an addict (especially a recovering one) suddenly has a heart issue with no cause, it makes the word "relapse" start floating in big-assed letters.

New Years Resolutions Suck - Let's begin by looking at my resolutions from last year's post:

First my personal ones"

1. Lose 20 pounds, as my blood pressure and health will be 100% better if I can drop my lazy bloat. 
 Still got the lazy bloat .

2. dedicate myself to more exercise, both physical and mental . 
What's "exercise?" Yeah, I missed.

3. Get a date, as I am sorely lacking in companionship.
If you've read the other blog, you know this year has been all "Adventures in Spanking It."

So I'm not resolving shit there.

But then there's the blog resolutions:
1. I will be respectful to the office of President and to the man that will hold that office.
Done that for the most part, to the point that some on the right think I lick lib ass.
2. I will have no loyalty to the GOP, only to conservative principles.
Ditto.  Especially when choosing asshats.
3. I will rededicate myself to coming up with and promoting good ideas rather than tearing down the stupid ideas coming out of Washington. 
Ditto, ditto.  While I did have to blast a lot of crap from the toilet on the Potomac, it usually led to something on the positive.

 So consider those renewed for 2010.

And now, since I just love to gin up the shit:

Lockstep Bloggers are the Asshats of the Week!

(note:  I really wanted to find someone in the administration to hammer for my first AOTW post, but when I have to close comments on posts due to their idiocy, it deserves a response.) 

You know who you are, because many of you showed up in "defense" of Beth last week in the AOTY post (even though there was really nothing to defend), and successfully proved nothing more than your ability to post the same comment on multiple blogs, the total inability to read the post and/or comment on it, and the fact you're a bunch of bitter bastards who lack anything resembling a sense of humor (because the AOTW (and AOTY) award should make you laugh and think (I saw neither in your comments)).  Mostly it was mindless automatons from the right (NOT CONSERVATIVES), although I think my left leaning bloggers were getting pissed off too.

Really, when you can't differentiate between joyous mockery (which is beyond politics), and actual attacks on a person for their political views, you've lost all perspective (and are indulging in glaring asshattery).  Because all people are idiots and all people are asshats.  But not constantly.  The point of the aforementioned award is to highlight said glaring examples, and maybe make some people laugh, of course.

When you find a blog where you can all just gather and stroke each other off, I don't give a shit.  It's when you go a-visiting other blogs with the cut and paste (either literal or in thought) that it begins to piss me off.  Not that I mind seeing you giving shit to the other side (especially when they're liberals).  But if you're going to represent conservatism, I expect better from you, because you should sound reasonable, sensible, intelligent, and NOT JUST FUCKING MINDLESSLY PISSED OFF!

We were bitching for the last few years over the unending stream of venom directed at George W, especially when it was completely stupid (the selected not elected and the anti-Bush truthers were particularly nauseous).  Now, with the first year of the Obamanation in the can, there are too many on the right that sound just as retarded (the birthers, for example).

Beating back a big damned government, quasi-socialist agenda is going to be damned hard over the next year.  It was hard enough when the GOP squandered all the opportunities to actually fix shit by just growing government and paying lip service to conservatism.  That led to the mess we're in today.  But becoming as irrational and embittered as the douches on the left ( and the Code Pinkos for example) is just as ineffective.  Calling Obama a socialist over and over, while satisfying (and fairly accurate), doesn't address anything other than that fact you can call the POTUS names.

 I'm going to spend my time examining the various policies pouring out of Washington, analyzing them, tearing them down when they are crap (most of the time), praising them when they actually make sense (rare, but possible), and then coming up with the right way to fix the problem.  It's a lot harder, and more productive, to do that than to write retarded catch phrases about the "evils" of Obama.  It takes actual thought, folks.

So if use your brains and you'll be an asshat less often.  Or, judging by the comments I'm going to see below (because I know y'all well enough), maybe not.


Dave Miller said...

Nice post Patrick. If you can believe it, on one of my blogs 100% dedicated to short term mission issues, I had a guy come and paste his personal blog post.

On the mission, I had another go completely off target and hammer some folks pretty personally. WHen I asked him how that was related to the post, he said it wasn't, he just wanted to point it out.

As you have said numerous times, there are many things about which libs and conservatives disagree. But you do not have to be idiots about it.

I've often wondered, if you choose to just hammer away at people, what is the objective of your post.

TAO said...


You are going to pour over the various policies coming out of Washington and then analyze them?

God...they are all have WAY too much time on your hands...

Why not just keep a running total of the amendments that are tacked on at the end and see who comes out ahead in regards to the money?

Patrick M said...

Dave: it's worst when I agree with the content of the comment, and I still end up having to boot it because it's so off-topic.

Tao: God... [the various policies coming out of Washington] are all crap....

Yep. have WAY too much time on your hands...

Actually, I don't. so I should amend the statement to "I'll try to...."

But I'm good at getting right to the rat killing.

Anonymous said...

You said:
First my personal ones"
1. Lose 20 pounds, as my blood pressure and health will be 100% better if I can drop my lazy bloat.
Still got the lazy bloat .

If that picture is you, I think that you have a lot more than 20 lbs to lose.

Patrick M said...

Things: Yeah, that picture is me. And dropping 20 would put me at a still-stout 175-180. I figured that much and I'd feel a whole lot lighter. then I could reassess and drop 20 more, get to a lean 160 (my weight when I graduated) and still not be able to get laid.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

Hey Patrick,

I hear in the wind that my good (and patient, and tolerant, and edifying, and..) influence has finally brought you out of the Right and into the Light... to celebrate I'm getting you a gift subscription to The Socialist, half a dozen (union made, of course) red t-shirts that say WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!, the sheet music for a guitar arrangement of L'Internationale, and a hat like Che Guevara's with a big old star on it.

Walk tall, big man!!


Patrick M said...


dmarks said...

I actually agree with Beth's statement "I am not saying this to be funny but there is no such thing as extremist conservatives"

And there are no extremist liberals, either. Actual extremists (bombers, killers, etc) are found to the far left or far right of liberals/conservatives. Liberals/conservatives are just too moderate to be extremists. The "extremist" label is tossed around way too easily these days.

Sat: I look for the union label. It is a good indicator of "do NOT buy this!". I'd rather support workplaces where workers are not bullied into joining political organizations against their interest and against their will.

Satyavati devi dasi said...


Perhaps you should try NC, one of the two remaining 'right to work' states, where unions are damn near (in practice if not on paper) illegal and people work under conditions that wouldn't be tolerated if they weren't bullied by management into keeping their heads down and their mouths shut.

Patrick M said...

Dmarks: When you phrase it that way, I can agree with Beth's statement.

Except the post on which she wrote it was asking about people on the right who could be considered extreme. In that context, with an acknowledgment on the left-leaning blog that there are extremists among the ranks of liberals, it was obvious the intent was to say that there were only extremists on the left, not on the right.

Saty: Actually, there are 22 right to work states. And the 5 with the lowest unemployment rates happen to be right to work states, while the ones at the bottom are either in the Old South (including NC), liberal strongholds (Michigan), or big labor states (like Ohio (and Michigan again)). While RTW is not an absolute good/bad thing (I can see the reason on both sides of the debate), people generally do better when the workplace is not driven by an adversarial relationship.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

Well, so I'm learning something whether I want to or not. I stand corrected.

But the REAL point here doesn't have to do with RTW: it has to do with your rumoured defection to the Blessed Caanan of the Political Left, whence you were lured by my engaging, yet insidiously corrupting influence.

And to celebrate said rumoured renunciation of your Conservative Compatriots on the Political Right, I'm still going to get you all those presents I listed above, PLUS, as a special limited-time-offer bonus gift, a personally signed 8x10 colour glossy of none other than the storied Fidel Castro himself.

And a box of duty-free Cuban cigars.


dmarks said...

SDD: "Perhaps you should try NC, one of the two remaining 'right to work' states, where unions are damn near ....illegal"

There's nothing stopping anyone from choosing to give any money they want to a union in NC. But at least, unlike in Michigan, they are not forced to against their will.

"and people work under conditions that wouldn't be tolerated if they weren't bullied by management into keeping their heads down and their mouths shut."

Unions have really little to do with that. Unions can often make a workplace dangerous (such as the place I know where workers were caught assaulting workers on the job. Management fired them, and the union got them back).

Anyway, union membership should be a choice left to each worker.

dmarks said...

Patrick said: "Dmarks: When you phrase it that way, I can agree with Beth's statement."

But I am doubting she meant it in exactly such a way.

Patrick said: "While RTW is not an absolute good/bad thing"

I see nothing but good about it. The alternative is to force people to belong to political organizations that have nothing to do with their ability to do the job (forced unionization, as in Michigan). I just don't see any upside to that, unless you happen to be a politician receiving as your campaign money the dues extorted from workers.

Patrick M said...

Dmarks: I see nothing but good about it [RTW].

One exception comes to mind (being of a libertarian bent). It limits the power of a business to choose whether or not to associate with a union only rather than have a mixed workplace. While no sane business would do so, right to work does limit freedom of association in that sense. It also compels a company in most cases to pay those workers the union wages.

On the whole though, it's a damned good idea.

dmarks said...

Patrick said: "It limits the power of a business to choose whether or not to associate with a union only rather than have a mixed workplace."

I find that objection to be quite reasonable. In order to be more libertarian (i.e. let the employers and workers work things out), you'd probably have to sweep away certain regulations that foster/encourage forced unionization.