Monday, January 11, 2010

Asshat, Asshats Everywhere and the AOTW

The down side of the weekends is that I tune out the politics.  When I have something good going into the weekend or catch an idea it usually means a meaty post.  Not the case this weekend (although I do have another post idea from a few sources this weekend).  So with the exception of the AOTW, this is just stuff from the ticker.

Rock the Cadmium - Yay, another toxic stuff from China story.  In short, there's some jewelry marketed to tweens that, in the wake of lead being banned, is made mostly of cadmium.  That's probably a bad thing if the kids eat the bracelet.  Probably not otherwise.  As it was, I looked up cadmium, and guess what:  That's not how people get cadmium poisoning.  Even secondhand smoke can't give you cadmium poisoning (and we know secondhand smoke kills kids seconds after you breathe it in or something).  As a free-range parent, I realize that there's probably some kind of problem with most every toy out there.  And these aren't even toys.  So why is this a story, other than the panic factor?  Unless there's a clear damned link, this is no reason to panic.The Imperial CPSC and the researcher who could find nothing better to do than to test shit for any chance it could EVER be toxic under ANY circumstances are asshats for whining.  I'll let my kids go out back when it gets warm, dig in the driveway, and maybe play with some mercury.

Amendment Rape - I really hate to even have to reference him by way of the bill, but the soulless legacy of the First Amendment-raping McCain-Feingold monster continues to linger.  In this case, it's a case over the (ultimately irrelevant) anti-Hillary movie.  Agree, disagree, I really don't care.  The point is that both sides should be free to have at each other in the campaign.  The only thing that should be hit by regulations is slander and libel issues.  Beyond that, opinions should be like assholes:  Everywhere on the map and free to dump shit.

"Take him out?" - On a related note, Senator Harry Reid is in trouble for bigoted comments concerning Obama he made last year.  The GOP is screaming for resignation, the Dems are circling the wagons, the Dingy one apologized, and Obama accepted.  Reid's an asshat for the comment, the Dems are asshats for the double standard (if it was a Republican, they'd scream for blood), and the GOP are asshats for whining about old comments.  I don't really care, as they're all perpetual asshats.  And I'm willing to give them all a chance to revise their comments, especially if it's just stupidity (I'm waiting, Grayson).

WTF  Blago?!?!?!?! - The idiot Rod Blagojevich is in the news for some reason.  I don't care.  Not really worth clicking it (I didn't even read the whole story).  But the title of the story is: Blagojevich: 'I'm Blacker Than Barack Obama'.  No further comment needed.

And now, because the cold is seeping in and making my typing a challenge:

Manmade Global Warming Hysteria Devotees are Asshats of the Week!

I'm not going to even try to have an intelligent discussion here, as this subject comes in a close second to abortion in it's utter retarded fanaticism.  So if you want to reveal your stupidity, go ahead and take an absolutist side and be mocked.  The fact is, the science is not settled, the debate is not over.  There is enough evidence to examine stuff further, but there's so much bullshit politics in the way that I couldn't tell you much other than what I can observe.

And right now, it's colder than a witch's tit (which would be fine by me, because there's be tits involved).  I'm thinking Algore must be in Florida, because there's always some kind of winter storm whenever he goes on a MMGWH sermon.  My daughter's going to be pissed because Florida's oranges are going to get expensive (which means she doesn't get them as often).  And all over the place, it's damned cold.  Even the liberals know how cold it is.

So that comes to the question:  Is this an indicator of climate change?  Probably not.  Because even with reams of politically motivated data, we still have problems predicting the weather days ahead, much less years, decades, and centuries.

And if this IS, and you want to claim it's MMGWH while the east half of the country is freezing its ass off (not me so much, as I have acclimated to the cold) , then not only are you an asshat, but you should be punched in the mouth, if for no other reason than punching you will keep someone warm.

Shit, my nuts are cold!

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