Monday, July 27, 2009

A "Black and White" AOTW

Before I get to the Asshat of the Week, let me just be clear on something: The idea of racial profiling, while useful in some cases, cannot be the primary reason for investigating individuals, for the simple reason that it can very easily be driven by prejudice. And it can grow prejudice. So where there is clear examples of racial profiling that has no basis other than in race, it needs to be fixed. But sometimes that doesn't matter....

(note: for illustrative purposes, I will be focusing in on race in the rest of the post, because filtering everything by race is ridiculous, and it runs both ways. Thus, I'll be ridiculous. You are warned.)

Sergeant James Crowley (white) is Asshat of the Week!

Police work can be a hard thing. It's especially hard because, in addition to dealing with scumbags who either want to run or drive away, or punch, stab, or shoot you, you also have to deal with the legacy of institutionalized racism that plagued the country, cultural shit that's piled up as a result, and people who can generalize any situation for political advantage.

Enter Cambridge, MA police sergeant James Crowly (white). Upon investigating a call into 911, where the caller (white) saw two men (maybe Hispanic) breaking into a house, he encountered Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr (black). The story according to Crowly (white) was that Gates (black), was belligerent, and refused to back down, forcing the officer (white) to arrest him (black). Gates (black), on the other hand, claims racial profiling.

It doesn't matter that Crowly (white) trains police cadets (mostly white, probably) on how to avoid racial profiling in the performance of their job (formerly enforcing White Power?).

Reverened Al Sharpton (black) and the rest of the race whores (blacker than black), Massachussetts governor Deval Patrick (black), and President Barack Obama (half and half) also stepped up in condemnation (the President (h&h) referring to the officers (white) as "acting stupidly" then backing off as he learned more facts). In fact Obama (h&h) has invited both Crowly (white) and Gates (black) to the White House (white with black filling until at least 2013) for a beer. No word on the color of the beer has been released by the TOTUS (transparent).

So for NOT racially profiling black professors and avoiding controversy by doing his job the way Martin Luther King Jr (color blind) would want it done, Sergeant Crowly deserves a little asshattery (white), with a side dish of sarcasm (black).


James' Muse said...

I have to disagree. Your AOFTW should be Gates, for injecting race into a discussion that was void of racism...

Anonymous said...

You do realize that you work backwards don't ya! :-)

Patrick M said...

I know, why pick on the poor police officer when there are a bunch of pissed off and angry people that obsess over race?

Well, I have two reasons.

first, if I operate from a premise of race, I can't make any of the black men AOTW, because that might be considered racist. So it has to be the white cop.

And second, it's more entertaining doing it all backwards-like.

I'd go on about doing it all backwards-like, but then I'd be getting X-rated (although no pics will come of it).

Shaw Kenawe said...

Patrick just like being a contrarian.

dmarks said...

Gates is the Mel Gibson of the week. A man who reveals his inner racist when confronted by the police. Only with Gates, it was much closer to the surface, and he didn't need alcohol to let it out.

Patrick M said...

Dmarks: Except also that Mel has made some cool movies. Any movie where he's either not right in the head or plays a character that ends up covered in his enemy's blood is well worth it.

But with both of them, I suspect it's also a matter of being raised with the mindset; this is something we all have to fight, not embrace.