Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden - Veepstakes Winner

Note to Senator Obama:
Barry, you bastard. You had to wait until Saturday fucking morning to drop the news about Joe Biden being your VP pick. Couldn't do it while I was paying attention, giving a shit. I wake up with a headache, trying to down coffee and feed kids, and only when I'm putting them in the bath do I remember being on pins and fucking needles yesterday wondering who it was going to be. So I turn on the news and there it is. I missed being among the first to hear. Thanks a fucking lot, jerky!
Okay, I'm really not that pissed. But it felt good. Maybe McCain will give me a similar insignificant reason to go off on him.

But let's look at the Biden pick. First of all, it falls in the safe choice category. By that, I mean that, despite all the talk of change, people don't want too much change (young, black president, old white VP). For clarification, this is not a racist comment, but merely an observation of human nature in all its prejudices. Beyond that, it's going to be a matter of what kind of balance Biden can bring to the ticket. As I wasn't watching this that intently and will be reading up on ol' Joe in the meantime, I'll let everybody else decide if he was a good pick or a bad pick.


Obob said...

He is everything obama allegely stands against. The typical politican. Give him a little time. Joe will bite his tongue, keep in line, then his political ADHD kicks in. Maybe we'll get the passive racist comments that he blurts out. Maybe he'll go say something politically assine. Who knows. But either one without a teleprompter is a real life SNL skit in the making.

Dee said...

I think it was a horrible choice which bodes well for Republicans. Biden is one of the most bitter and nastiest politicians in Washington. There is a reason he never made it far in his presidential runs. His comments about Obama AND his comments about Indians, etc... will come back to haunt him. I still remember the SNL skit on the Democratic presidential nominees where the fake Biden came dressed up as Sponge Bob. That about says it all.

Also, I saw a little of his speech today where he is making fun of McCain for his many houses. Give me a break, like Biden doesn't own just as many. Gag me with a spoon!!

I had to laugh at your memo at the beginning of the post. My story was kind of the same way. Saturday is my veg day and I stay in bed for quite awhile and then all of a sudden it hit me that Obama had probably already made his announcement.

On the other hand, there have been times when I've still been up at 3 in the morning and caught breaking news that no one else found out about until hours later.

Shaw Hussein Kenawe said...

"Give him a little time...will bite his tongue, keep in line, then his political ADHD kicks in."

You mean like John "Czechoslovakia" McCain? No, wait, like when McCain sang the oh so diplomatic "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran?" Funny, eh? Joking about bombing a country many times larger than Iraq? Yuk! Yuk! What a kewl funny guy he is. Just what this country needs right now. A clown for a president.

"Maybe we'll get the passive racist comments that he blurts out."

You mean like the way John McCain dropped the "c" bomb about Cindy in front of a group of journalists?? Wait, that's not racist, it's sexist--so maybe we'll give the old man a pass. In the olden days, before the "internets", men thought it perfectly fine to denigrate women--especially in front of their "buds." That made them look like "Macho Man!"

"Maybe he'll go say something politically assine."

Yeah. Like John McCain saying Al Qaeda's in Iran? Something that even I, who haven't been in the Senate for a gazillion years, knows--and McSame has foreign policy "experience."

Both McCain and Biden are old pols. And you guys would have criticized Obama's choice for VP even if he had chosen Jesus Hussein Christ.

So we all just ignore your pettiness and harping.

It'll be interesting to see how you all fawn over John "I Was a POW" McCain's choice.

BTW, dee.

If that's all you have against Biden, you've got nuthin'

If you're interested in the facts about Biden's life go here:

If you just want to believe gossip and smears, continue to listen to Rush and stay uninformed.

Patrick M said...

Obob: This is change we can believe in?

Dee: When I heard the news, that's the first thing that popped into my head. It's easy to find legitimate issues with Obama. I thought it was time I unleashed my real venom on a wholly irrational thing.

Shaw: Sorry, I think I forgot to add the Kikipedia link for Biden. Here's the clickable version.

Now, did you have anything do say about Biden or are you just going to go off on your List of Everything McCain has EVER Done, which you seem to paste in every damned time anybody says anything negative about Barry or Joe?

And you wonder why other sites lump you in the moonbat category?

Shaw Hussein Kenawe said...

Dear Paddy,

A long time ago, Barack Obama experimented with changing his name to Barry. And one can understand that when, as a young man and while living in a country with a poor record on racial equality, he struggled with his bi-racial background and his uncommon name.

NOTE: Many Jewish men are given the name Baruch, and then shorten it to "Barry." Barack and Baruch are both Biblical names.

Later in life, Sen. Obama came to terms with his bi-racial background and, like most thinking, reflective people, understood that one's name does not define a person. Sen. Obama dropped the use of "Barry," accepted himself for who he was, and went back to his given name, "Barack."

It would be a sign of maturity as well as courtesy to refer to the man by the name he prefers. Your continual use of "Barry" is meant to demean and trivialize Sen. Obama.

I understand. Children do this all the time to tease and humiliate anyone on the playground who is different.

As a point of historical reference, when Abraham Lincoln was running for president, the opposition mocked his name as well, and continually referred to him as "Abram," in order to belittle him, keep him in his place, so to speak.

Lots of the swells in those days mocked Mr. Lincoln's looks and name. I'm guessing you would have been among those who thought it was hilarious to demean a man by making fun of his name.

"The more things change; the more they remain the same."

Patrick M said...

Young, Sweet Shaw: Actually, I'm addressing Senator Obama in the familiar, rather than the proper name for humorous reasons. No actual disrespect is intended. When addressing a substantive issue, I do use the proper name.

After all, if we can't occasionally laugh and mock each other, what's the point?

Plus, you have to admit you laughed a little when you read my fun, irrational rant. Come on it won't hurt.

Toad734 said...

No but apparently no one wanted the change that a selfless, world traveled, self made, highly educated, black man named Obama would bring to the white house. You guys all screamed for more of the same so he delivered.

Biden is a safe choice because he is solid. He's not going to have any David Vitter, Ted Haggards or John Edwards hiding in his closet and is immune to any "family values" types who, of course, all cheat on their wives with meth smoking gay prostitutes. That and he has ample experience in Washington and on the international front.

Good luck to McCain chasing the Mormon vote.

Patrick M said...

Toad: We do want change. Just not the kind of change Obama is selling.

No, Biden doesn't have any skeletons. He's just a gaffe machine. From calling Obama articulate, neat, and clean to previously bashing his running mate while praising his running mate's opponent, the amount of audio alone will keep us laughing for weeks.

Also, I have to ask: *feigning moist sincerity* Were you one of those meth smoking gay prostitutes that Republicans use to cheat on their wives? There is a support group for it, I'm sure.

Thanks for the cut-and-paste.

Dee said...

I'm no fan of McCain's so you are out in left field if you think I'm going to fawn over whoever he picks. In fact, his pick will determine how much support he'll get from many of us in the conservative base.

As for us being petty over whoever he would've picked you are out in left field again. There are a myriad of other choices that would've been way better. I really can't fathom what he was thinking picking Biden. I had like 6 youtube clips that I played on my radio show of his many ridiculous gaffes and I could've played more.

I think Kathleen Sebelius, Evan Bayh or Governor Richardson would've been much better choices. But I'm ecstatic about Biden because he's going to be a nightmare for Obama. As is already being shown by the polls.

Toad734 said...

McCain agrees with Bush on every issue, at least that's what he said, so how is that change?

What cut and paste?

Patrick M said...

McCain agrees with Bush on every issue, at least that's what he said, so how is that change?

Didn't say that it was change. But given the choice between the status quo and the change Obama will detail Thursday (hint: save it for my analysis of the speech), I'd lean toward the crappy status quo.

And to answer your question with some cut-and paste:

What cut and paste?

He's not going to have any David Vitter, Ted Haggards or John Edwards hiding in his closet and is immune to any "family values" types who, of course, all cheat on their wives with meth smoking gay prostitutes.

Also, you skipped my question about your particular fetishes. But that's okay.

Toad734 said...

Oh fetishes?? Ok here it is:

haggard: He likes male prostitutes while smoking meth

Foley: He likes underage boys

Vitter: He likes high dollar call girls

Gingrich: He likes cheating on his wife while getting Clinton impeached for a BJ.

Jeff Gannon: hes probably the one who is being paid by Haggard

Larry Craig: Likes it from dudes he never met in public shitter, while people are pooping in the stall next to him and the toilet seat is splattered with urine

Rush Limbaugh: Apparently he just has a wife fetish, who's going to be number 4??

Jack Ryan: He likes group sex and orgies... without him, there would be no Obama

Strom Thurmond: Liked younger black women. Liked spawning children with them even more

John McCain: Has a thing for models and rich women unless they become fat and crippled.

Are those enough fetishes for your family values party?

As far as the status quo:

I didn't know you were a multimillionaire with several houses. So a failing banking system, a failing currency, a failing housing market, a failing job market, two failing wars which were supposed to have ended 4 years ago, a failing status in the world, a failing military strength, a failing economy... this is what you want more of?? This is the status quo you want to persist??


Come on, you are smarter than that...Aren't you?

Patrick M said...

Toad: I'll save space and let my analysis of Obama's speech from the Barackopolis answer why the status quo would be better than the change Obama will leave us with.

Also, let me restate:

Also, you skipped my question about your particular fetishes. Instead, you just cut and paste your list you use any time you can't win an argument on merit.

Toad734 said...

I think I just won an argument on merit.

I don't have any fetishes, I like beer and BJs, who doesn't?

Toad734 said...


No Biden doesn't have as many houses. In fact, he is one of the poorest (relative) in the senate. Obama, only has one house. And in Chicago, a Million dollar house isn't hard to find. There are several in my neighborhood. A bungalo will cost you close to a half million in my neighborhood for instance.

Patrick M said...

I think I just won an argument on merit.

You keep believing it. Also, beer BJ's may be a fetish. I'll have to look that up when I'm not at work. I know ice in the same situation is.