Monday, March 10, 2008

What I Do With My Freedom

Just a warning, this will be a thin blog, as I spent yesterday with my children and ignored politics almost completely. In fact, I consider this time more important than my blogging, as in the blogosphere, I am one of many voices. With my children I get the chance to shape and teach and bring to young lives to fruition. And all it will cost is 20+ years and an assload of money.

But that is where I most appreciate my freedom. I can teach them in the way I want, explain my philosophies on life. As they grow older and learn more, I will have to have the answers to the inevitable questions. And at some point, they will be ready to go out on their own.

And I want them to have the same freedoms I have now:

The freedom to speak, and to share their accumulated knowledge with the next generation.

The freedom to seek meaningful work that gives them fulfillment.

The freedom to find pleasure in their leisure activities.

The freedom to live in a society that values the rule of law, the freedom of the individual, and knows that government's role is to guard freedom and not legislate it.

Of course there's still plenty of time, as they are still preschoolers. Which comes back to another reason for me to keep blogging.

Maybe I'll come up with something better tomorrow. In fact, I know I will.


Dee said...

In my post for tomorrow I'm posting a speech that talks about the Republican philosophy. What sums it up in one word?? Freedom!!!!!!

Makes me think of why I love Braveheart so much!!

Patrick M said...

I thought the best part of Braveheart was the scene where you have a thousand guys in body paint flashing, then mooning the English.

Oh, and then there's the Irishman.

But you get the point of the post. That's what matters.

Toad734 said...

Are you sure you are a Republican?

Patrick M said...

I am a conservative first, bordering on libertarian.

But I guess I am a Republican, as that's how I voted in the primaries.

You forget that not all Republicans are of the same mold.

Toad734 said...

Well the Libertarian thing would make more sense. The only freedoms Republicans want to give people is the freedom to carry Uzis to schools. I don't know why they only focus on the second amendment and not any of the others.

Libertarians can't be thrilled about shit like the Patriot Act.

Patrick M said...

Uzis? That would be fun. But I don't remember seeing anything about that. I do support giving the right for current conceal and carry holders to use that right in schools, colleges, government buildings, and the like. But that's for another post.

And since you bring up the Patriot Act: It is a war measure. It needs to be put up for renewal regularly, it needs oversight to prevent abuse, and when we return global terror to a marginal level, it needs to go away.

So let me ask you: What about Libertarianism do you agree with?