Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is facing pressure to resign after a pending indictment on prostitution charges. The irony of all this is that this is that he made his name breaking up prostitution rings. Add to that the scandals he has already had in his first term as governor, and the laughs at the irony abound. But this is merely another example about politicians getting caught with their pants down (literally) and trying to navigate legal and political minefields simultaneously, trying to maintain as much power as they can.

There are far too many examples to enumerate, so let me just list the ones that jump to mind:

Senator Larry Craig - We learned about what footsie in the bathroom stall is all about. His legal case was over and gone before it became news, but his promise to resign and subsequent decision to fight charges hepled guilty to prove he should be tossed out on his ass.

Representative James Traficant - A convicted felon, he was tossed out after being found guilty on charges of taking bribes, filing false tax returns, and racketeering. He fought and screamed in court and ran for office from prison. And he was from the great state of Ohio. Damn, he sucks.

And the big two:

President Richard Nixon - With the weight of the Watergate scandal, and the subsequent scandal, Nixon had the choice of resigning or fighting it out until he was impeached and tossed out. Any good he did will ever be overshadowed by his stupidity. But he wasn't the stupidest.

President Bill Clinton - Of course I saved the worst for last. Here's a man who was facing charges on sexual harassment. In the process, he lied under oath about all manner of tawdry things. The subsequent investigation was as lurid as a government report can get, the impeachment was filled with politics, and the trial in the Senate was even more so. Subsequently, Clinton was found in contempt of court, and has his law license suspended.

Okay, here's the point. The majority of people mentioned on this page (Spitzer, Craig, Clinton) were laid low by sexual urges, the others (Traficant, Nixon) by their desire to play with their power. But the point at which they deserved to be booted out of office is when they crossed the line in committing crimes. Now as for the sex, it's repugnant, and the wives that stand there while their husbands admit to being cheating bastards should end the news conference with a knee to the nuts. I personally have serious issues with people who lie like that to loved ones. I'd find it damned difficult to vote for someone with that on their record.

Finally, we should expect more of our elected officials in terms of conduct. We don't need people who use their power to get whatever the hell they want. I understand that some dealing and bullshit is necessary to make it in the political game. But standards should be there, and it's up to the House and Senate to police their ranks. And as for the morons above, good riddance to the ones that are gone, and to the two that still remain in office, get out.


Toad734 said...

Yes its somewhat hypocritical to go after prostitution rings and then bang prostitutes. Kind of like Gingrich and Delay going after Clinton for his affair while at the same time they were having affairs...not with each other, thats the other Republicans.

But again, its the guys like Haggard and Craig who are the worst in that they atually try to influence and change the law to make it harder for homosexuals when they are as gay as bath house.At least with Spitzer he was just enforcing the law when going after the prostitution rings and reminding NYs elite that they are not above the law just because they have money. Not condoning what he did and cheating on his wife is their business but by breaking the law from boning prostitutes you gotta go. Craig needs to follow his lead and take responsibility for his actions.

Patrick M said...

First of all, the Clinton scandal was about lying under oath, not blowjobs. You've bought into that Carville line of "It's just about sex" that he kept repeating until everybody without a brain was locked in on the sex and missing the point.

And it is paltry as shit to condemn one politician (Craig) as worse than another (Spitzer) when the one you condemn more is ideologically opposed to you and the other guy was the bigger hypocrite. It smacks of rank partisan bullshit.

I don't give a shit what your political affiliation is; when you are shown to be dishonorable, you should regain a bit of honor and go away. And when charges are filed, you need to leave. and if you are convicted, you should be tossed out on your ass.

And you have to get off the fixation with the evangelist pukes. They're not even in office. I don't give a rat's left nutsack what they do as long as I don't have to listen to them.