Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Battle Continues.... for Democrats

First of all, I will extend congratulations to Senator John McCain who, with wins in Rhode Island, Vermont, Texas, and the great state of Ohio, secured the requisite number of delegates to win the Republican nomination come convention time. For those of you who are Republicans, you have your candidate. For conservatives such as myself, we will be there to fight at any turn should McCain forget that we were the heart of the Reagan revolution. We have not forgotten, and your words and actions will determine whether we will be there when you need us.

Also, I say goodbye to Mike Huckabee. He proved himself a man of his word and withdrew from the race last night, then promised to fall in with the party and support McCain. I wish him well in the private sector.

If you missed it, I wasted my vote on Fred Thompson, as there were no candidates more obscure to vote for. I guess my voice was heard. What the hell, I'm disenfranchised.

And now, on to the main event:

Senator Barack Obama has wrapped up Vermont handily.

As I expected, Senator Hillary Clinton won the great state of Ohio, as well as Rhode Island. As usual, there were voting irregularities in the idiot capital of the state, Cleveland. We also had some serious ice across the northern half of the state, but it didn't stop the voters coming out for Hillary.

But the real story is Texas. The Lone Star state, as late at it was, goes to Hillary Clinton. This gives Hillary a big win at a time I was looking at the end of the Clinton era. Now, with two big wins and Rhode Island, the battle for the Democrat nomination will go on.

The point is that the Democrats will be fighting this for a while longer, and it could go to a convention battle. What this means is that John McCain will most likely face a candidate that's been chewed up and has battled for the Democrat base for six months while he can build himself a war chest and consolidate his base (more or less). This is truly a blessing for his campaign, as he can do what he does best: play to the middle. And he will be able to lay low while Hillary attacks Barack, Barack attacks Hillary, and conservative talk radio has a field day with both of them.

Unfortunately, this means further marginalization of conservatives within the Republican party. So I'll begin my search for a good third party candidate, as McCain will probably be undeserving of my vote, and watch the Democrats beat the shit out of each other. It will be fun to watch.

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