Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Battle For Ohio (Primary Style)

Updated, 4pm, (below)

Today I will be going to vote. Based on the poll I ran up to today, I should waste a vote, then insert explosives rectally. Thankfully, the majority of you who voted did not tell be to vote for McCain, as the result would have been a chorus of "go to hell", as I sure as shit in a saucepan will not vote For John McCain in the primary. As of right now, I have not yet decided who to waste a vote on, as I won't vote for Huck-a-duck or Ron "Uber-Mook" Paul.

Actually, I did consider crossing over to cast a vote against Hillary, if just to drive the Clintons from power for all eternity. However, I abandoned that as my soul does not need anymore scarring.

I'm done covering the Republican race as of tomorrow, since Ohio and Texas (I think the Lone-Star State, due to time zones, gets the dishonor) will put McCain over the top on delegates. This means Huck-a-duck can finally call it in and the Ron Paulistas can crawl back into their nutspank bunkers to mole around for another four years.

But the Democrats are another story. I've been getting the sense that Hillary will win Ohio. If she does, it will be a narrow win, but enough to carry her forward to the next primaries. With our governor, Ted Strickland, out on the stump for her, it has given her a boost that Obamamania can't quite overcome. Governor Strickland hasn't been in office long enough to really bury himself, and as he was an improvement over the travesty of our former governor, Bob Taft (as corrupt big-government Republican as you can get), his support means something.

This is disappointing to me. I would like to wake up tomorrow secure in the knowledge that the Clinton era is over forever. No more scandals, no more lies, no more blow jobs. The disgrace that Bill and Hillary have brought to the public discourse, and the political nastiness that kept them going, had been another blemish on the country not seen since the days of Nixon and Watergate. And while the continuation of the Hillary campaign will do more damage to Barack Obama and make it easier for John McCain to win without my support, I can't in good conscience do anything that would perpetuate the Clinton's stay in active politics.

So to all my fellow Ohioans, and those other states voting today:
Get your asses out and vote!

And if you don't vote, don't bitch when the politicians do something you don't like. With freedom comes responsibility, and if you don't exercise your responsibilities, then your freedom isn't all that damned important.


I have wasted my vote on Fred Thompson. Also, it's getting icy, which may change the voting dynamic in favor of Obama. More to come.


Toad734 said...

But lies, torture, 9/11, the Iraq war which has lasted 4 years too long, 4000 dead troops, world wide hatred of the US, Iran and N Korea with Nuclear capabilities, the weakest dollar since the depression, housing crisis, inept corrupt nominees, largest ever budget deficit, weak economy, disappearing jobs of the Bush administration are all ok? As long as it isn't Clinton's blue dress? Just something about that sounds wrong.

First off, when you say "the clintons" you are talking about Bill Clinton lieing about a BJ that he got after hours. No one died. This has nothing to do with Hillary. I don't support Hillary but Nicole Brown Simpson wasn't a murderer, her husband was. It doesnt make her one.

But I agree, you should vote, even if it is for McCain or Hillary but really, whats the difference.

At this point, this time next year, we will be better off than we are now. And I guess that's a start.

Patrick M said...

As usual, toad, you trot out the ususal list of faults (real, perceived, and spun) and miss the point entirely. So I won't justify your Kool-Aid tirade with a cogent response.

As for the blow jobs, in 50 years, people will remember 2 things about Clinton, impeachment and blow jobs. I'll have a post that illustrates it by contrasting the Clinton impeachment with the impeachment of Democrat Andrew Johnson. It will explain why we conservatives can't seem to forget "Clinton's blue dress."

The point is about the methods by which the Clintons have practiced their politics over the years. It has been a system of lying, then lying to cover the lies, from the usual game of parse the word in 1992, to the lies under oath that led to his impeachment, to the reinvention of Hillary each week until they find a message that sells.

I'm not saying that all other politicians are honest (long laugh here), but the Clintons have made it a practice to tear down their political opponents, then lie about anything that's politically expedient. Just ask Barack Obama.

And I don't know where we'll be next year, as McCain is likely to redefine Conservatism Lite to fit him, but still in the Bush mode, and Obama is as liberal as the day is long, so we'll see