Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Blog for a Cold Saturday

First, let me quote me, on Thursday morning, trying to cheer up fellow bloggers who are lamenting the pending victory of John McCain:
I know that times are hard, and it appears as though our entire party has abandoned us to follow a Pied Piper down the path to a darker tomorrow, but it is in these dark times that we must gather our resolve. We must pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. We must fight on!

Never let them tell you that you no longer matter. Laugh when they tell you that your views are out of date. For the day will come when our voices are heard. And when that morning in America comes, all that we have worked for, fought for, and struggled for will be realized.

So don't give up. Be positive. And never be afraid to speak the truth. For the truth is on our side, and though we may not win the battle, we surely will win the war.
Later that day, Mitt Romney pulled out of the race.

Now you would think this would get me down. Momentarily, it sucked much ass. But now the GOP has a candidate that has to win the support of his base for the general election, pitted against a couple of liberals who will only take the country into a downward spiral. This gives conservatives an opportunity.

We do not have a standard bearer for conservatism in this race. However, conservatives are motivated as hell now to put fellow conservatives back into Congress, especially since there will be a moderate versus a liberal in the Presidential race. In addition, McCain has sewn up the nomination, but he has to win conservatives to his side to win the White House. McCain himself has acknowledged this. He must find himself a conservative running mate, and a team that shores up his conservative credentials. And he must give us a reason to vote for him.

I will address this further on Monday, with a letter to Senator McCain.

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