Friday, February 8, 2008

WTF?!?!?! Mitt is Out!

I was working on my definitive blog on why I will vote for Mitt Romney, while listening to Rush Limbaugh go on about the virtues, or lack thereof, of John McCain, when the news broke that Mitt is suspending his campaign. Needless to say, I had a whole lot of thoughts, some too jumbled and obscene to write even here. I listened to his entire speech, which was what a conservative sounds like. In the end, his justification for leaving was the War on Terror.

Mitt said that by staying in the race, he would be weakening the party and could cost us the election, which would give us a President that talks about retreat. I think this is just a little wrongheaded, but I expect there will be something positive to come out of this.

My first reaction, which Rush Limbaugh (who was on the air at the time and could therefore beat me to the punch) was echoing at the same time, was that this is no reason to vote for John McCain. So I will have to collect my thoughts and write an open letter to John McCain. But to sum up what I will write, it will be up to him to win our votes by telling us why we should vote for him, not just against Hillary. If he fails in this, then I vote third party.

As for the primary, if Mike Huckabee is still around when Ohio votes, I'll vote for him for one reason: the FairTax .

So in tribute to Mitt on his departure, what makes America great:

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