Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend With Barack and Mike

So after a day spent with my kids and with the TV as far away from politics as humanly possible, I turned the TV on just in time to catch Barack Obama's speech before the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Virginia. Many of the conservative bloggers I've seen out there have no interest in listening to him. I'm either masochistic, or I'm into opposition research, or both. Probably both. Anyway, here's my thoughts:

First of all, I'll extend congratulations to Senator Obama, who swept up some more states tonight, and is pulling up really close to Hillary Clinton. This could go all the way to the convention, and it is possible that the Democrat candidate will be hard to beat because of it.

Also, despite the fact I disagree with him on almost every point, he still is one hell of a good speaker. If we get saddled with a Democrat in November, I'd prefer him pronouncing our doom for four years rather than Hillary.

Obama was invoking the name of Thomas Jefferson (as it was the Jefferson Jackson dinner) as part of the Democrat party. I had to laugh at this. If you know anything about Thomas Jefferson, he was very big on states rights, as opposed to power in the central government. I think Barack is conveniently forgetting that and whatever is left of TJ is spinning in his grave fast enough to power a small town.

Obama was talking about McCain, and some of the things he said reminded me distinctly of McCain's weaknesses, many of which I have smacked him around on. And he was right in saying that Hillary can't stand as opposed to McCain as he can. This makes Barack Obama the most likely candidate to beat John McCain.

After the departure of Mitt Romney, who is my early choice for 2012 after his withdrawal speech, I had decided to vote for Mke Huckabee as the non-McCain candidate, as well as his support for the FairTax. But after watching the returns, I noticed that Huckabee is now seriously challenging McCain. He's still a hella-long shot, but I may have to find another Republican to vote for.

Wait, that leaves Ron Paul. Oh crap.

Wait, I haven't sunk that low. Or had a lobotomy. Or stuck my head into oncoming traffic.

So if anybody has any suggestions, I'm ready to be told who I should vote for. Other than the uber-goofball, Ron Paul.


Mike's America said...

Won't Romney's name still be on the ballot? He's only suspended his campaign and already gotten the signatures and paid the fee to have his name on the ohio ballot.

Whatever you do, don't vote for Ron Paul as a protest vote. That would only encourage My Favorite Martian (you're probably too young to remember that TV show).

I've listened to B. Hussein Obama's speeches here and there and you're right, he is good. But when he starts in on the socialist class warfar rhetoric he sounds downright dangerous. Like all Dems he wants to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

He'd be another Jimmy Carter in the White House. We can't risk that so will have to hold our nose, close our eyes, vote for McCain then go take a hot bath with lye soap.

Patrick M said...

I'm just hesitant to vote for someone who's called off his campaign. If Huckabee starts losing, then maybe I can move back to voting for him.

And yes, I remember My Favorite Martian, and damn, that describes that dorkaholic exactly.