Sunday, January 27, 2008

Second Day in a Row of Miscellaneous

It's always fun to watch the Sunday shows. These shows (Fox Snooze Sunday and Meet the Depressed) have to distill all the politics of the prior week into one hour and have to fight each other for viewership. Plus, Russert is the only one at NBC I have any respect for. But here's my distillation of opinion from the shows, as well as anything I forgot yesterday. To be fair though, I did spend the day playing with the kids and not following politics:

First of all, Obama wins big in South Carolina. Despite the fact I wouldn't vote for him until conservatism is forever dead, I find him exciting, and inspiring in an empty, liberal sort of way. Either way, his crushing of the Clintons should be looked at as a sign that the obviously sleazy politics of the Clintons that has been an infected zit on the ass of America is finally going away, maybe not forever, but at least is being repudiated.

On a related not, watching clips of Hillary and Barack engaging in verbal bitch slapping is just funny. John Edwards is not funny in any way I know, at least until some tabloid scum 'outs' him.

Personal note to John McCain: You can hype all your conservatism you want. But when anyone directly attacks the First Amendment, which allows me to write this, you forever become an enemy of freedom. So stop wasting airtime that could go to candidates who might be conservatives. I'm not saying you can't keep talking up the Sunday shows, I just don't want to listen to you blather anymore.

And on another, McCain related note, I haven't forgotten your military service. I honor that. One of my favorite soldiers was General George S Patton, Jr. He was one of the greatest warrior who lived. However, as a political leader, he'd have sucked. He would have never made the transition. In fact, he didn't. After the war, he became military governor of Bavaria, pissed off Ike, got the boot, then thankfully died before having to assimilate into civilian life. In other words, honorable service doesn't translate automatically into political greatness.

Lastly, although he is now my candidate, I have never had this question sufficiently answered: What the hell kind of name is Mitt? I did find the answer, but it still makes me wonder. I never thought I'd be voting for someone named Mitt. In fact, I think I said just that. Plus, there's all the words I can think of that rhyme with Mitt, and most of them are not flattering. Nicer ones include: Mitt the Slit, Mitt the Zit, Mitt the Spit. I'd go further, but it only gets more offensive from there. So I'll just have to start using is actual first name, Willard. I'll have more trouble making naughty rhymes with that.

Okay, that burns out my weekend fun, so let me recover my resolve and be ready to unleash more well-honed political and social commentary tomorrow.

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