Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stuff I Didn't Get To Earlier This Week

It's Saturday, and I don't feel like belaboring any point right now. So here's what I came up with for a blog today. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid:

First of all, Dennis Kucinich dropped out yesterday. So sad. The aliens in those UFO's in Texas must have told him it was time to hang it up. He will be missed, as I'll just have to make fun of Ron Paul exclusively. Strangely, (we are talking Ron Paul here) that won't be a problem.

Bush and Congress are trying best to decide how to stimulate an economy that really doesn't need stimulated. Nonetheless, when my check comes, and it will, I will make sure I spend 10% on lottery tickets, the rest on bills. I'll show them how much of a waste it is. It would be nice if our leaders tried solving the problem rather than buying votes.

The Democrat primaries are definitely getting interesting. The fighting between Obama and the Clintons is actually making Bill and Hillary less popular. No mater what, history will be made, as the remaining field includes a black man, a woman, and a former first lady. I hesitate to call Hillary a woman out of fear of offending John Edwards.

Personal responsibility includes spending a couple of hours on a rickety ladder cleaning soot off your ceiling when you have a grease fire. I did, and I still have things that need wiped down. Luckily, it's hard to destroy a cast iron pan.

Here's an inspiring and sad story of a mother who died so her baby could live. I'll leave it to all of you to read. Nonetheless, it takes someone special.

Just a thought: Since the government is hellbent on saving people from their own stupidity with the subprime mortgage crisis, and since Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is nearing foreclosure, does that mean that the government is going to save Michael Jackson?

If you think our political battles are bad, try Kenya. Even with the nastiest things said on the most extreme blogs out there, at least we're not openly killing each other.

I'm not going to link anywhere today, as the children are here and running. After all, it is Saturday.

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