Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome to The High Church Of Me

So if the old churches are bloated and corrupt, the new churches are run by money-grubbing assholes, and the crazy atheists want to snuff the Almighty out of existence, where do I fall in the various debates on the subject? Well, here it is, the next chapter in your religious book of choice. The Book of Patrick. Know and believe and don't whine.

First of all, I do believe in God, after a fashion. Let me give you the Atheist's Definition of God, as defined by me: God is that being, or entity, that exists beyond human perception, definition, and understanding, and whose existence can only be accepted as an article of faith. Now if you have any argument with that, try opening your mind. You may find that it seems to be missing.

Second, Our true relationship with God is defined by how we deal with each other. Since God is, by nature, undefinable, the only measure of good and evil that is quantifiable is in relation to our dealings, both good and evil, with people. You Faith Nazis that say there's only one way to the Kingdom of God should try reading the bible through rather than cherry picking through the red text. (I'm sure at leas one of my bibles has Jesus in the red text.)

Religion and science can coexist. The debate between creation and evolution has been going for over a century and a half. Here's the answer: Evolution answers the question of how. Creation addresses the question of why. Going back to the definition above, God begins where science ends.

No one faith has it all right. I got this one from a movie loaded with dick and fart jokes, as well as a rubber poop monster. Any religion's worth can be measured by two tenets which I will borrow from Jesus Himself: (Mark 12:29-31)
1. Love God (however you define him) with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
2 Love your neighbor as yourself.

Anyone who follows their faith with these in mind will prosper, those who don't will face a reckoning one day. And the same goes for your religion, or lack thereof. So go forth, be fruitful, multiply, and remember the words of me. Amen.

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