Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Power of (nothing) Compels You!

I can easily accept atheists and agnostics. Agnostics are my favorites, as these are people that struggle with the idea of God, as to whether He exists or not. Mother Theresa, unquestioningly one of the holiest of people in my lifetime, had incredible struggles, questioning the existence of God because of the nature of her work. That she continued this work for decades only strengthens my respect for her. Atheists I also understand. They are rational, skeptical, and because of this cannot accept the existence of God on faith, but seek to create a better life through a philosophy, though similar to many Christian philosophies, devoid of any reference to the supernatural. Fair enough.

My problem is not with real atheists, but with the anti-religious fanaticals. These are atheists with an Jihad. They are out to destroy religion and replace it with a humanist policy devoid of any morality beyond a person's own desires. Simply put, Atheism becomes their religion, compelling them to defend it with the same zeal as any Faith Nazi. Communism, as conceived, replaces God with the State. This is a similar philosophy to the kind found in radical leftist circles. These are people who fear the ideals that religion bring to the world. They point to all of the vile acts perpetrated by people wielding God as a sword, smiting down the non-believers, as well as centuries of putting politics before the bible. And yes, that's the Catholic Church I'm talking about.

It boils down to freedom. These douchebags, as well as their counterparts, the Faith Nazis, want to use government to legislate their beliefs. The anti-religious have embraced this anti-faith as their own faith, and use lawyers, the ACLU, and large words to argue that God is dead and does not belong in the modern world. This is simply as wrongheaded as the idiot who tells you you are going to HELL because you don't ACCEPT JESUS and your personal SAVIOR. Get the point?

That's pretty much it for them. Now, it's my turn to enlighten the rest of the world....

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