Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Your God is Dead and No One Cares

I have listened for a while to the debate over religion and faith in this country, and I'm tired of listening to it. Neither side is right, and both sides are ridiculous. And since I felt the need to quote Trent Resnor for my title, I'll bitch slap the the excessively religious today.

For the record, I am a severely lapsed Catholic, spent eight years in Hell, I mean Catholic school, and still identify myself as a Catholic, which says something. I have also spent a good amount of time studying the basics of different faiths to discover what they have right and what they say to prop up their asses. And from this, I have identified the kinds of "religious" people that make Atheism look good.

The Faith Nazi: This is the person who believes everything his faith teaches him, to the point he has no point of view separate of his church. And this God-fearing asshole can't discuss anything without bringing in their faith. He will throw it at you any time it gets brought up. And anyone who doesn't believe is going to H!E!L!L! Also, when a Faith Nazi writes a letter, you get lots of capitalization when they speak of the power of GOD and HIS WORD in their lives. These choads also are still fighting to get rid of evolution in favor of creationism. More on that later.

The Lip-Service Believer: When visiting this moron's home, taking a piss is a challenge due to the Virgin Mary brush holder on one side of the crapper and the Jesus nightlight on the other. Of course, it's all a facade, as she is usually a soulless fake, raised in a faith but ignoring every tenet it has in her self-absorbed pursuit. This is a poisonous person, one no one needs in their life.

The Fanatical: This one is easy to spot. Whether it's a piece of shit terrorist that straps a bomb on himself, or some cocksucker shooting abortion doctors, this is a person who is killing in the name of God. This is a person who should be killed. No excuses.

The Televangelist: We have had these fake fucks packing revival tents for the cash for centuries. Once they discovered mass media and multimedia, the earning potential began to skyrocket. And the most successful ones seem to be the most corrupt. A vow of poverty and chastity would be appropriate.

Pedophile Priests: I have to mention this one. The Vatican should move these bastards to Rome, castrate them, then send them somewhere to minister where the locals kill priests every so often.

That covers the idiots of faith. Next, I go Inquisition on the atheists.

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