Friday, December 21, 2007

News I'd Like to See This Weekend

With Christmas being on a Tuesday, I will not be commenting regularly. So in lieu of commenting on the news, I will share with you the kinds of stories I hope to see on the news this weekend. I know they're out there because I've seen some of them.

Serviceman Surprises Daughter by Coming Home for Christmas - I've seen a few variations of this story already. I want to see wall to wall coverage of this on every network. Watching the joy fill the faces of these children is what Christmas is all about. Put this in the list of Reasons Men can Cry, right below the scene where the boy has to shoot Old Yeller.

Christmas in Afghanistan (or Iraq) - For the servicemen and women who are putting their asses on the line to protect this country, we need a slew of these. Doesn't matter the specifics. It could be care packages from home. It could be Christmas trees in the desert. It could be the troops giving out toys to children who don't have bombs strapped to them by evil parents. The point is not where you are on Christmas, but where your heart is.

Desperate Situation Has Happy Ending - The inspiration for this story is the family that got lost in the forest trying to get a Christmas tree. In the end, they were saved, and everyone got a bit misty eyed as they got off the helicopter. These are human dramas with storybook endings. Perfect for Christmas

Bringing Christmas to the Needy - Giving is better than receiving. That's the message behind this story. No guilt trips, no blame. The idea is that people give to those who don't have.

Something Silly - The offbeat items that usually end a newscast. Give me MORE!!!!

Britney and OJ to Wed - I'm kidding, as I don't really want to see it, but there would be some irony....

So with the exception of the last item, the news needs to focus on the good things, especially during Christmas. Either way, the less hard news the better. Oh, and since my next blog will post on Christmas eve, Happy Festivus!

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