Friday, November 16, 2007

Important News About Important People

So I was reading the news today. In addition to all of the other news out there, I had the opportunity to read about.... Britney Spears and OJ Simpson! Oh joy. We have a war in Iraq, high oil prices, a pourous border and insane immigration situation, an inefficient and bloated government, a presidential race, and these asswads still make news. Daily. So let me address these morons and get the bile out of my system.

Britney, you dirty slut. You and the rest of your coked-out whore brigade. I'd name them all, but then I'd have to care. These wastes of vaginas go out to party and get wasted, blasting their careers straight to hell. At least Madonna knew how to market her antics. They get famous, then waste their fame and fortune being completely stupid. The worst part is that there's nobody that walks up to them, hits them in the head with a lead pipe, and tells them to snap out of it as they lay there coughing on their own blood. It would be easier than their own method of self-destruction. Add children to that mix and I want to see pain inflicted on these sorry excuses for failed humanity.

Which leads me to the poster boy for execution by meat grinder, OJ Simpson. Lets start with OJ trial one. From his vile conduct toward his now-dead ex prior to the murder, to the murder and arrest, to the circus beginning with the white Bronco parade and ending with the mother of all celebrity trials, it's hard (unless you're a black racist, a budding defense attorney with no soul, or members of the jury) to believe he could have gotten off. The fact that guilt and innocence opinions split along racial lines is even more ridiculous. This trial was never about race, except in the opinion of the defense team of evil. So after years of OJ trying to make news, he shows up with thugs to steal back his sports memorabilia. He doesn't involve police, or hired security, or even decent people. He brings in pieces of shit who should, at the very least, should have gone back in time, tied their mothers down, and aborted themselves with rusty coat hangers just to spare us the infection that is their presence in this world. Simply put, Simpson can be judged by the company he keeps. And even if you are found not guilty once, it's harder to believe it when you pull shit over and over again.

My whole point is that there are a gazillion things to talk about, and read about, and think about. The fact that the media outlets spend anything other than a footnote on these media whores is sad enough. However, they do it because, shamefully, we eat this shit up on a regular basis, feeding this frenzy for every idiotic celebrity antic. I can't say I never waste my time reading any of this tripe. But at some point, it's time to say goodbye to these wastes of time and pay attention to someone that deserves our attention.

And on that note, I'll have to mention former Cincinnati Reds pitche rand announcer, Joe Nuxhall, who died Thursday night at the age of 79. I can remember listening to him for years on the radio, and I know that the ol' left hander will be missed.

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