Monday, December 24, 2007

All I Want For Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and with work tonight, and early Christmas Day, looming, I have a little wish list for things I want.

First, I wish for a time that all the TV and radio people I watch will actually have a show between now and New Years Day. It's a serous drought. On the plus side, I'll have little to get ideas from. I already know what the rest of the week in blogs will be, so it will be fun.

I wish that those who are expecting to spend Christmas alone will discover friends they didn't know they have and family they thought lost to them. Every year I hear some story about increased suicide and depression on this holiday. So if you know anyone who will be alone, time to make a wish become more true.

I wish for snow on Christmas day. I'm not going to get it this year, but I'm sure it will hit eventually.

I wish for our troops to be mostly home by this time next year, with their heads held high and their mission complete. They have served us honorably and well, and deserve our undying gratitude.

I wish for those I disagree with politically, and for whom I have had animosity, to have a joyous Christmas. I already have goodwill for those I favor so I wanted to give the rest a mention. I won't hold a grudge tomorrow. On the 26th though......

I wish I will have a great thought and a great blog on Christmas Day. However, I will write that one at work. Between 6 and 10am. After working late the night before. Don't expect too much. It will be short.

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