Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Democrat Field

Okay, Christmas is over and it's time to do some serious political shit. I figgered I'd start with the Democrats first. I'll have two days after to get the bad taste out of my mouth, as the likelihood of these candidates getting my vote is really damn small. Nonetheless, I will try to be fair. (Note the use of the word try and don't get your hopes up.) However, that's why I provide the links. That way you can read up on the candidates themselves.

Senator Hillary Clinton - No longer the anointed candidate of the Democrats, Clinton is still the frontrunner. In fact, I will predict that she will be the nominee. The biggest problem and advantage that she has is that she is part of a political team, the other half of which is former President Bill Clinton. I fully expect her administration to be very similar to her husband's (but without the blowjobs) in most ways, which would, admittedly, be the best for the country. She will push hardest for universal health care, but will most likely sway with the political wind. Her election would result in four more years of Clinton, but without the long and fascinating speeches. She would be the least likely to seriously damage the country, and the most likely to get a Republican majority back into Congress in 2010.

Senator Barack Obama - By far, the freshest, and perhaps youngest candidate, Obama has captivated audiences with fiery speeches and plenty of energy, despite a serious lack of experience. I've got almost as much experience. However, he would be the most dynamic leader of the bunch. He also has been the most consistent on issues, approaching everything clearly from the left. Despite that, I still like him and if the President in '08 turns out to be a Democrat, he would be my choice, despite the chaos that a strong Democrat leader would create.

Senator John Edwards - Edwards is the best looking of the candidates. When he first got into the race years ago in the VP slot, my concern was that he could become a Kennedy-style candidate. Luckily, his taste for haircuts that I couldn't afford with a month's pay, a mansion surrounded by trailer parks, and a general perception of being a hypocrite should keep him down. He brings to the table a reputation for helping the poor. I don't get it. I never will get it. But at least he has the race spread out more.

Governor Bill Richardson - The Governor, I think is destined to fall to the second tier and go away. Here's a governor of a border state that can't seem to control the illegal population. Neighbor state Arizona has stepped up enforcement and targeted businesses, the result being a decrease in the number of illegals. No surprise there. Richardson outlines something similar on his website, but the story I read yesterday was about Arizona, not New Mexico. I like Richardson, and I was probably charitable in putting him here instead of the second tier. However, he is close enough to maybe have a chance, or at least destabilize things enough to make it a real horse race.

So there you have it. Four candidates I won't vote for, unless Ron Paul gets the nomination, and want to see die politically. They all have in common a platform of expanding government, continuing progressive income taxes, and dividing America by promoting the ideas of class warfare that are prevalent among Democrats. At least this is what I gather as common themes. But that's what the primary season is all about

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