Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Republican Slate

The party in which I will vote when the primary comes to Ohio is filled with an assload of fatally flawed candidates. Most of them are in agreement with me, but not on everything. I am confident in every candidates desire to win in the war and fight for us in international politics. That means the fight will be over the domestic agenda. So here's how I see them:

Rudy Giuliani - America's Mayor was an early favorite. However, as the days before Iowa have become shorter, people have begun to look for someone else. While the Mayor is someone who will be a fantastic leader, he's pro-choice, iffy on guns, and generally a social liberal. I personally have no major issues with him, but I can see the base taking a runner if he gets the nod.

Fred Thompson - The former Senator and actor seems to be the clear choice for conservatives in this campaign. However, his late entry never panned out, and he doesn't seem to have the energy or support to win. I think name recognition is keeping him out of the second tier. If he can get motivated and win an early primary, he would be my candidate.

Mitt Romney - Governor Romney's detractors have slapped him with the tagline of 'election year conversions.' That's not a good thing. Like Giuliani, Romney has plenty of positions he has held the last few years that are out of step with the Republican party platform. But he also has the problem of the flip-flop.

John McCain - The senator seems to be the leading candidate for defense of this country from enemies out there, as well as possessing an excellent understanding of our enemy in the war. However, I have one serious problem with him. A little bill called McCain-Feingold, which is simply an attempt to rape the first amendment. If he gets the nod, I will have a problem. Simply put, I expect to be screwed by a Democrat. I can't, in good conscience, vote for a Republican who would screw me.

Mike Huckabee - The governor from Arkansas (another one!?!?!?) might have gotten my vote, as he said he would push for the FairTax, which is one of the big issues I'm looking for. However, his record in the state that gave us President Clinton has been as a spender. This is a bad thing. However, he seems to be fascinating the evangelicals. So I'll definitely vote for him if he gets an endorsement from God. However, as the Almighty doesn't usually weigh in on primary politics, I'm going to have to reserve judgment.

So I don't have a choice yet. Unless I run fro President. And I could, as I will turn 35 in August. So let me enlighten you as to that idea tomorrow....

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