Thursday, November 29, 2007

This Blog Was Caused by Global Warming

First of all, I don't want to argue whether there is such a thing as global warming. it doesn't matter if there is or isn't, because we simply do not have enough reliable data to say so. Allow me to illustrate:

4,000,000,000 - Age of the planet*
6,000 - Years of history as per the bible*
500 - number of years we have been on this continent to measure temperature*
200 - number of years NOAA has been around
120 - number of years we've been spewing the greenhouse gases out
30 - number of years since the big threat was global cooling
15- number of years since Vice President Gore wrote his book
(not a must-read unless you've had a lobotomy or two)
* numbers are approximate because I don't feel like researching it

Ask any scientist about these numbers without telling you what the subject and he will tell you that the sample size is way too small to tell anything.

This brings me to my point. Even if there is a thing such as global warming, how can anyone know whether it is a real threat or not, especially since the Earth has had much more radical changes and life has survived. That there are people out there making claims that the Earth will be destroyed by the paltry things we are doing is absurd. If you don't believe that, then consider what people are blaming on global warming. I do have a list for you to read if you want a good laugh:

The fact is that there appears to be an agenda behind the whole global warming hoopla. So until we deal with the hysteria separate from the science, we can never be sure the science is valid. In addition, consider how this rush to save the planet hurts us more than it helps. To further explain this, I will weigh in next time with my own ways to save the planet.

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