Friday, November 30, 2007

How To Solve Global Warming

Since I pointed out some of the obvious flaws of the global warming hysteria, I thought I'd share some ideas on how to 'stop' global warming and make the world a better place.

Walk or ride a bike somewhere whenever it's feasible to do so. In addition, a little exercise is good.

Find a car that is more efficient, or a hybrid, or (where applicable) an alternative vehicle, as long as it otherwise meets your needs and wants.

Plant a tree, plant a garden. Or spend some time out in nature, and be a part of it.

Support any reasonable alternative fuel or energy proposal that comes down the pike. Also, don't forget about nuclear. It's not just for making deserts into glass over oil and terrorists, you know.

If there's a shitty part of the countryside, or a shitty lot in town, try cleaning it up.

Cook your own food. Even better, kill your own food. And the smaller the ingredient label, the better.

Recycle when reasonable. By the way, burning wood and paper is recycling in my book.

Finally, stop wasting gallon after gallon of gasoline and jet fuel, megawatts of energy, forests of paper, and billions of lungs full of hot air screaming about how global warming is going to destroy us all.

In other words, spend time doing things that improve the planet. Everything I have listed above is a small step, but makes a whole lot of difference if everybody does it. And nothing above is a must. However, no one is hurt, and you can only benefit, by doing all these non-hysterical things. So hop to it. I''ve got a pile of old tires I need to 'recycle' right now....

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