Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did You Ever Think?

If you are in the majority in America, the answer to the title question is no. And this is the way that societies have functioned for the most part. The majority of citizens of any country have been mindless drones, doing the work while a small minority possessed the knowledge of how things function. However, when a great number of people begin to think, incredible things begin to happen.

Our country was formed by people who considered the questions of the day. From the Founding Fathers to the farmers in the fields (and in some cases, they were the same) everyone was talking about how this country should be made. It was the rise of citizen leadership. While there was, and still is, a ruling class even in this country, the ability of someone to rise from nothing to the highest office is still alive, beginning with our second President, John Adams, to Bill Clinton. And this is because enough people used their minds, debated the issues, and set the country on its course, from a struggling wilderness to a superpower.

However, although we have access to cable news and info, countless books and magazines, and the insane amount of information on the internet, the ability of people to use their minds to reason out things is sadly lacking. Even in political discussions, most people are content to spew out mindless platitudes that support their political bent rather than discuss the positives and negatives of any issue.

This is why I have not been able to decide on a candidate for President yet. While I will most likely vote Republican in the general election, the field of candidates is still too muddled, lacking a candidate that I believe should serve as President. I am looking for a candidate that can speak openly and honestly about their ideas. I also want someone who has ideas. The only candidates that might fit this template are either second-tier candidates, or worse, Ron Paul.

Here's the test to determine whether you know how to think:

1. When you look at news, who is on the screen: a political pundit, or Britney Spears?

2. Can you name off the top-tier candidates for either party or can you tell me what Britney did today?

3. Which site have you visited more: or

Think about it....

(by the way, I did just go to Britney's web site. I have to go and erase my browser history now.)

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