Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#SOTU Tweet Roundup

For those of you who don't read my Twitter feed as part of your tweeting routine, ore even the feed on the lefthand side, here's the tweets I shot out as I was watching the "fun' of the address.  This is also so I can take time to get my proper post sorted out (as well as decompress from the suck):

Ah, the excerpts from the Screw Over The Union speech have hit the Internet like shit on a teflon wall. Someone has to clean that shit up.

RT @: If you have an HDTV, we recommend going to 'Menu' and lowering your set's 'Saturation' values 15% to compensate for Boehner

@ There is no TV setting that will work for Boehner, Biden, and Obama. Maybe B&W, maybe sepia.

 RT @: Wonders what the hell "reforming our government" means.

Simplify the tax code, Mr President? I think you might need to look at the Fairtax.

There is no compromise on Obamacare. There is only repeal.

 RT @: From the House floor, Rep Jeff Miller R-FL: "Want to simplify the tax code? How about the Fair Tax?"

If I didn't want to waste ink and paper, I'd print out the SOTU address and wipe my ass with it.

 RT @: RT @: : I thought it was OUR government. BHO keeps saying "we should give" as if the govt owns the power....

Why does the camera keep ending up on McCain? I still blame the bastard for Obama. Why not upcoming Reps like @?

An hour of shit and I'm ready to decompress with something completely different. At least for a few minutes. but blogging comes first

Yay, the GOP response from Rep paul Ryan. Will probably fall asleep and read it later: http://digs.by/grDDvq

Ok, enoufh #SOTU tweets, can make this a post on my blog anyway. It's cut, paste and publish. Damn, I'm lazy... http://digs.by/ccCfRd 

1 comment:

Seeker said...

Patrick, in all due respect, you are a dumb ass.

Now, I am going to show you what a fucking dumb ass you are, on the Fairtax. Because the Fairtax is a pile of shit that you should have seen as shit.

In a way, the Fairtax is a dumb shit test -- you know, like those little cards that say "How do you keep a moron busy?" And then the bottom of the card in smaller letter says "Turn this card over".

The other side of the card says the same thing.

That is a good test for stupid. So is Fairtax.

Fairtax leaders claim they have this tax, that removes all federal taxes -- FICA income tax, death tax, inheritance tax, corporate tax, you name it tax.

All that is GONE.

And they claim the new tax will be a sales tax that doesn't really raise the price of anything.

You will pay virtually the same price for anything you do now, but all the taxes will be within the price of the product.

This my friend is insane fucking bullshit.

The example they give you gullible morons is a 100 dollar coat. After Fairtax, they tell you idiots, the coat will cost 101 dollars. But you won't have to pay 30,000 in income taxes, or 15,000 in FICA taxes, or 500,000 in inheritance taxes. Heck no, all that will be gone.

Oh -- you claim there is RESEARCH on this.

Huh. Research. Huh, huh.

Well let's take a look at one of their little "fine print".

"Under our plan" claims the Fairtax Answer Book, "all cities, counties, and states will pay to the federal government, a tax on all their spending, including a tax on goods and service, including labor [wages].

Did you see that sentence, Patrick you dumb ass?

Under their "math" ever fucking city in the US, every state, every county, every state, has to pay massive money to the federal government.

Do you see anything wrong with this you stupid shit? Oh, fuck no, you are too stupid.

So let me point out the problem you dummb fuck. Spray this on your TV and wipe it off.

How the fuck will city and states pay this massive tax Patrick? Any fuck clue, Mr Tax expert?

How about this Patrick. WHy the fuck would Fairtax hide this massive tax on city and states in ONE sentence? Any clues?

They didn't even admit this much for the first ten years, Patrick. Could you guess why?

Do you know that corporations would pay no taxes at all, under this plan? Which sounds great, until you realize, corporations have laughed at Fairtax.

Fairtax leaders were certain -- absolutely certain - that corporations and businesses would go ga ga over their plan.

Not one, not one single corporation, has supported it, AT ALL. Do you know why Patrick?

Fuck no, you don't know why.

They don't support it because it's BULLSHIT. It's total bullshit. It's not sorta bullshit.It's entirely bullshit.

Oh you can have a national sales tax to replace all others. Yes. But do you know what the percentage would have to be?

Fairtax told you 23% -- but that won't matter. Prices wont go up.

What Fairtax didn't tell you, but that corporations know, is that the REAL tax rate would have to be more like 60%. And a 60% sales tax would collapse the economy.

The Fairtax lunatics and con artist tell stupid people like you that it will be 23%.

It can't fucking possibly be 23%. And even that would be crushing. But it would be 60%.

That is why Fairtax lied and said they could tax city and states.

Now if you are this fucking stupid about Fairtax, you are probably this fucking stupid about everything.