Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Legalized Theft

Before I get into the hypothetical that explains the title, I just want to play a little clip:

"It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people."

And you wonder why I weep for my children?

It's because one facet of the government takeover of healthcare is that the government has just added a tax on everyone to pay for something they won't get for years. And they do this in the name of "deficit reduction," and shit on the promise of Barack Obama that he won't raise taxes on 95% of Americans. Because, unsurprisingly, he did just that on Tuesday.

So let's look at it hypothetically.

 Ten guys, all old college buddies, go into a bar. They are mainly going to have a good time, not to get sloshed. So they each pony up their cash for a drink. A couple of the guys however, have fallen on hard times, and one of their buddies has the cash and spots them on the second round of drinks. So come the third round of drinks, they expect him to buy that round as well. The bartender serves them, then turns to the rich guy for the cash. He refuses. The bartender then whips a shotgun out from under the bar, and explains that he WILL pay for those drinks. On the fourth round, same thing, except a couple more guys decide they've had enough. The shotgun then swings upon them, and they dutifully suck down a fourth round. Now, 6 of them are out of money. But the bartender will have none of that. He serves up the sixth round, forces three guys to drink, and then takes the money from the richest of the guys. So come the 7th round, everybody's getting drunk, and one person is paying for all the drinks at gunpoint.  The rest are hammered, and cease to give a shit since they don't have to pay.

Obviously, this is pretty damned illegal,and someone would either end up shot or in jail.

And yet, when someone seeks to "control the people" and has the legal power to use force to do so, and passes shit that compels people to buy stuff against their will, and levies even more taxes on a small portion of the population to buy off the majority, people hail it as "security," as "Christmas," as *gag* equal to the Civil rights legislation of the 60's.

FYI, the civil rights legislation freed people from governments who sought to "control the people," and made true another phrase: "...that all men are created equal." It had nothing to do with, "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need."

Resistance, as history has shown us, is not futile.


Toad734 said...

You should weep for your children because we will still be in Iraq by the time they are of draft age and they will still be paying for it as well.

Patrick M said...

And strangely, I don't see Obama doing anything about that....

But we will be out of Iraq (for which there is no draft) in the next few years, and probably mired somewhere else. It'll still be pennies compared to the trillions that we're leaving to my young'n's.

Toad734 said...

Well, he did set a timetable for withdrawal. Maybe after he fixes the Economy, health care, and all the other shit Bush muffed up, he can get back to Iraq.

Not hardly pennies in comparison. Iraq does nothing for deficit reduction. And we have been in Iraq since 2003 so in 7 years we have spent 7.1 billion which is just over a billion per year and we are still going.

Isn't health care reform a $9.3 billion over 10 years which is less than a billion per year. Plus, instead of killing people, we will be saving people, Mr. Prolife. So with Iraq and Bush's first round of bail outs and his trillion dollar tax cuts for the rich, we could have paid for health care reform almost 3 times.