Friday, December 4, 2009

The War on Christmas (Yuletide Friday)

Before you of the lefty persuasion start the eyeroll at the mention of the "War on Christmas," rest assured this will be a light post.  And for those of you on the right that are ready to swear I like being assraped by the left based on the last sentence (and I'm sure one of you has ignored the rest of the post to try (in utter futility) to flame me already), relax, I'm going to have my way with THEM (thankfully, with no video of my pockmarked ass).

Besides, this is a happy post, not a piss and moan post.  And thus we'll start with the classic of classics and roast the Charlie Brown Christmas (and Charlie Brown):

I'm not going to get into the argument in detail (but this being a political blog, I probably should say something oplitical), but the Christmas holiday is big enough to include a myriad of traditions, and even incorporate other damned holidays.  We don't need to lose any of it.  Otherwise the shit gets stale, like watching TBS for 24 hours straight over Christams (you'll see A Christmas Story TWELVE TIMES IN A ROW!!!!, necessitating that you shoot your eyes out).

So anyone who has an urge to sue because something Christmas-y or non-Christmas-y but also not a stupid political statement shows up, consider the dangers of such a move:

But don't worry, Culture Warriors, there are people out there fighting to keep something in Christmas.  As the following clip show, I'm not sure what specifically, but that's the point.

Okay, not the best defender of Christmas, so we turn to the squirrely world:

So there's no real point here (other than a reason to play clips) in the end.

And that is why we have Festivus. For the rest of us.

Makes you wonder where the hell I'm going next week, don't it?

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