Monday, December 7, 2009

FUBAR Politics and AOTW

I'm not too overly motivated today (despite an early rising), so I'm just going to make fun of politicians and junk today, with multiple tangents (and the ever-loved conglomeration of parentheses). The first snow will do that to you. Damn, I despise Ohio winters.

To begin, here's a fun list of stupid and sometimes serious glitches of the Obama administration, kicking off with the tiresomely-phrased Gatecrasher-Gate. It's mostly uninspired, but the title gives me a new mocking phrase steeped in pop culture which I'll have to steal and use forever: D'oh!-Bama.

A side note: I'm getting tired of every damned political scandal having the suffix "gate" slapped on. I'm sure at some point some moron has made reference to "Watergate-gate" and never realized how stupid they really are.

Now in the spirit of annoying the Palin haters, here's Sarah being funny. it includes a few jabs at her own Palinisms. For those of you who despise every word that rolls from the tongue of Sarah, at the very end, Barney Frank is also mentioned, and even manages to be intentionally funny for once. But you have to scroll past Sarah to get it.

Near, but not at the level of asshat of the week, would be the Draft Cheney 2012 movement. Yah.

Now let me clarify something. I'm glad for Cheney's defense of some of the things that Bush got right (or right enough). I think he will have some power in some conservative circles. But in no way should he even be considered a thought for a 2012 candidate (he is in my list at the bottom of the blog in an honorary capacity only). There's a few reasons for this.

1. The GOP needs to be a forward-looking (dare I say progressive? (in a sense)) party. In this case, it involves taking core principals, sticking to them, applying them to new situations rather than staying ground to a halt on the "no" platform. And to do this, it means getting new, articulate, younger and more conservative voices out there. They've tried old and crusty with the man in need of "manly enhancement", Dole, and with with worst of both worlds, McCain. It's like putting 60-year-old wrestlers in tights. People may still cheer, but it's generally a sloppy mess in the ring. That goes for old rock stars too: Keep your shirts ON!

2. Inbreeding is never a good thing (except maybe in the Deep South). So why do we do this in selecting our political leadership? Sure, when the numbers of people ready to take office was small, then I can see the reasoning. But with the number of people out there that are suitable (Patrick M 2012?), then why would we want a retread from past administrations, of which two were father and son? One of the biggest problems the GOP faces is such numbers of career politicians in the ranks that there is no reason to do anything but empower themselves. Picking outside the normal channels (one of the reasons behind the rise of Sarah Palin) will produce a much more viable candidate and party.

3. Cheney doesn't want the job. Need I say more?

Yes? Ok. More.

What, you were expecting more than a cheesy joke?

Okay then, here we go:

The Copenhagen Climate Summit Participants are Asshats of the Week!

I'm going to keep this short, because I'm going to write another post on the subject of Manmade Global Warming Hysteria (theoretically tomorrow, but we're talking me).  But when the subject of your summit is clouded due to the fact that it's revealed there's a political agenda driving the whole "science" and the patron saint of the MMGWH religion (his Greeniness, the sacred Algore) cancels out (because someone might ask him a question about the skewed data), then to proceed with the talks at this time is asshattery.

Okay, I'm done now, I've got a movie to watch.  Specifically, Tora! Tora! Tora!  It's a reminder that vigilance is key in protecting our country, and failure in that regard costs us lives.  And it's a lesson we too often forget.

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dmarks said...

And remember that as a result of the Pearl Harbor attack, the US wisely struck back at all of the major fascist powers. As it should have.

Unlike certain people in the modern era believe that the US should have only struck back at the specific terrorists that attacked us on 9/11, and ignored their allies, supporters, and terrorists who had attacked us other times (but just not on that particular day in September).