Friday, December 11, 2009

The Spirtit of Giving (Yuletide Friday)

I'm going to start this week's Yuletide Friday off on possibly one of the saddest imaginable notes.  But in the end, it will show the greatness of the holiday.


The family of a 5-year-old Cobb County kindergarten student, hit by a car and killed as she stepped off her school bus Wednesday, is now attempting to make funeral arrangements. Karla Campos, a Mountain View Elementary student, got off the bus at a curb and Cobb police spokesman Joe Hernandez told WSB that a car behind the bus continued on the right side, running onto the curb and into the grass. The car hit the girl as her mother and two younger siblings watched at about 2:45 in Marietta. "This is a horribly tragic event and we are praying for the little girl's family," Dillon said. The driver, Edith M. Anderson of Roswell, 82, who was not injured, is facing a first degree vehicular homicide charge. Officials don't know what caused the Anderson's car to leave the road. The school bus was stopped and had its warning signals illuminated, Hernandez said.

Tough Times
The little girl's aunt told WSB's Richard Sangster that the family can't afford the costs of a funeral. Rena Hernandez says Karla's father, devistated by his daughter's death, only recently went back to work after having been laid off. Hernandez told WSB that her neice has been looking forward to Christmas, but had asked for only a few gifts.

I'll deal with the senile citizen in another post, because here is a family that was already facing a bleak challenge to make a Christmas for their children, and now they face the worst nightmare of any parent at a time of year where there should be joy.  But there is something you can do.  To donate to Karla's funeral fund, you can visit the Cobb Schools Foundation website, or mail cash or checks to:

Cobb Schools Foundation
514 Glover Street
Marietta, GA 30060
Attn: Campos Memorial Fund

Thankfully, while this is a tragedy, the spirit of this season will show itself and help this family to pick up the pieces.

The Point, and lighter subject matter....

One positive that can come out of the otherwise rampant consumerism of the season is that spirit of giving, which may just be an exchange of mindless and cool electronics, , can also be turned to bringing joy to the lives of others, especially children, who are facing struggles at this time of year. You can do that by adopting a family, or donating to an organization that does. Almost every community has one.  I'll leave you to locate yours.

Or you can go of the route of giving of the world:

It really doesn't matter where you give or to whom you give.  It only matters that you do.  Even if it's to assuage some guilt you may have, the joy that is brought to others easily outweighs any personal selfishness.

That brings me to my A Christmas Carol moment, and a Murray who says it better (and funnier) than even the greatness of I Myself (now if I could just honestly claim cousin Bill as family...):

Finally, I had a light display that I was planning to put below.  Then I found this one to give you to finish out the post.  I need say nothing more:


rockync said...

Very sad for Karla's family,but at least she was beloved. Not so for another 5 year old, Shania Davis who died a horrible death at the hands of a pedophile who was aided by her own mother.
I'm not sure this little girl ever knew real love in her short life. But, Shaq O'Neil stepped up and paid for her funeral since her father is an idiot and her scumbag mother is in jail.
All the jingle bells in the world can't block out the human misery played out each and every day.
But we must carry on and do what we can for who we can. I try to remain cognizant of those in need throughout the year but I do step up donations this time of year since the cold weather brings out additional need.
On a lighter note; although I've been sick for almost a week with some sort of virus (hubby says it's the flu, I keep telling him it's NOT the flu!)I finally got my tree decorated yesterday. This is something I always enjoyed doing with my children - when they were small, the tree had lots of ornaments on the lower branches. Now I decorate alone but as each ornament is unwrapped, I remember its story and the hands that bought or made it and I enjoy the time to reminisce with a few of the ghosts of my Christmases past.

Patrick M said...

I've been in and out of the sick a lot this month. Hopefully you're feeling better. For me it's a toss-up.

But back to the important stuff, you are right that engaging in what we can where we can is what matters.

And don't get me started on mothers that lack maternal instincts (much less actually destroy their own children). It's a subject that gets me pissed quick.