Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I F@#$%d Tiger Woods!!!

Sometimes there are subjects that stay in the mainstream long enough that are not necessarily something I want to discuss.  The Tiger Woods crash/affair/whatever is very much one of those.

To begin, let's list the basics (as best as I can remember).  The famous golfer wrecked his vehicle on Thanksgiving at 2am.  The only traffic citation was for careless driving.  He has also apologized, through his website, for "transgressions," which coincided with the slut brigade turning out to claim they fucked him.  And yesterday his mother in law was rushed  to the hospital, which was front page news because she was rushed from Tiger's house, which probably has enough paparazzi staked out front to feed a small country (which would be a better use for them, really).  And that's not even getting into allegations.

Now you're wondering why I don't have interest in discussing this in detail?  Very simple.  First and foremost, we are talking about a marriage with children on the rocks due to the infidelity of one partner.  That's a big enough mess without it being front page news.  In addition, Tiger is not someone out there with every damned personal detail every day. He wants privacy, especially when he fucks up, then he deserves that much respect.

Because, he's just another person that fucked up.

And I can see why someone who has gotten as far and as successful as he is would.  After all, consider that you have a gift, a talent, and you've honed that to be the best.  So EVERYONE adores you.  Wants a piece of you.  And a good number want your piece in them.  It's like being a rock star, with fields of pot, mountains of coke, and hot and cold running pussy scattered aaaaall over the place, ripe for the licking.  That's not to justify anything it did, simply to highlight how easy it is to be seduced by the availability of those that idolize you.  It's a big reason the successful so often fall short of expectations in matters of marital fidelity.

Starfuckers, I'm single AND available.  And I get thousands and thousands of hits on my blog.

Of course that's over the life of the blog, so.....

But the real problem I have is the obsession over celebrity culture.  It's what gets so many women ready and willing to take a celebrity shot in the mouth.  It's what eats away the privacy of people just trying to make a living (in front of a camera or on a field).  And it distracts us from important shit in politics, in our cities, and in the world.

Now I'm not saying that distractions are 100% bad.  Hell, I get distracted from the pursuit of bloggy goodness by the flash of a side boob on cable (with no hope of sweater puppets unleashed because it's basic cable).  But the obsessive celebrity culture (and worse, the pseudo-celebrity of pseudo-reality bullsht) had, in conjunction with the lobotomy slowy delivered by governmnet education, had reduced civil discourse to text messages with many misspellings on every detail on every skank that Tiger Woods was banging (until the next "scandal" shows up).  In other words, too many people obsess over the mundane in the lives of individuals. To quote Barney Frank (because I can quote anyone) in referring to fellow congressman and Twitter addict Claire McCaskill, said "Maybe I lack intellectual curiosity, but I'm not that interested in what Claire McCaskill has for lunch."

In addition, when we find someone who we invest with this idolatry, we build them up to something that is more than human.  Then we fling shit at them when they fail to live up to the perfection.  Then we dog them until some time after their body is cold.  Shit, they're still hyping Michael Jackson shit and he's been dead for months.  The phrase overkill doesn't even begin to cover it.

We've literally become slaves to the need to follow the lives of other people to the point it's invasion.  It's a damned sickness.  Now I have no sympathy to people who whore their lives out there without any boundaries (even I have some boundaries), but there was a time when we accorded our idols a little respect and privacy, unless it was of overriding interest to something important.  For an example, imagine how much press would be dedicated today to JFK and who he chose to lay.  Or imagine what might have happened to Princess Di if the paparazzi weren't dogging her to her dying day.

So while there may be some legitimate parts of the Tiger Woods story that are newsworthy, it ain't front page shit.  And until we break this cycle of slathering over the shiniest among us (Obama?), we'll continue to have the worst possible results.

Or videos about people fucking people:


Satyavati devi dasi said...

we are talking about a marriage with children on the rocks due to the infidelity of one partner.

I'm going to take issue with this purely on principle.

You don't KNOW this: you don't KNOW what else is going on behind those tightly shut doors, or what kind of a person his wife happens to be (besides a gorgeous blonde Scandinavian model). You don't KNOW what other issues they have going on between them, or what possible motivations one, either, or both of them might have for looking for extracurricular activities.

What we're actually talking about is a car wreck, alot of circumstantial evidence and an unbelievable amount of media hype.

Tiger talks about 'transgressions' and a slew of women line up for the paychecks they're getting from all kinds of media for the stories they're telling about how well he packs his pants. Sure, it's all terribly suspicious, it doesn't look good... but what is it actually telling us? Not a whole lot. Tiger's never been one to do the heart-to-heart, and in such a vacuum of actual knowledge, we're all free to speculate, extrapolate, fill in the blanks and jump to conclusions in whatever way best titillates our voyeur buttons (and sells tabloids).

If every athlete who ever cheated on a spouse were named in this post it would take me all day. Adultery is as old as marriage.

But to draw conclusions and make judgements on this suspicious perhaps but circumstantial at best evidence is presumptuous and misleading.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

PS. With the amount of usage that 'fuck' and its derivatives and conjugates get on this blog, I am totally disgusted that you wussed out and censored it in the title. What's that about? The 'Networked on Facebook' effect?

ApolloSpeaks said...

Hey ASS-HOLE do you get your punny rocks off by using the word "Fuck" so much?

TRUTH 101 said...

All this makes me wonder why Elin put up with this shit long Patrick. We're both worldly, in a sense that we understand the penis and what it makes us do or want to do.

Tiger's been fucking a long time. Elin had to know about it. She'd get plenty of money no matter when she dumped his cheatin ass due to his infidelity.

The Nihilist gossip hound in me makes me wonder what disease he brought home that caused his wife to finally pick up the nine iron.

Patrick M said...

we are talking about a marriage with children on the rocks due to the infidelity of one partner.

I'm going to take issue with this purely on principle.

With what? The fact that I have the same problems with the obsessive nature of the media in this situation as I do?

If all you need is the word "alleged" to make the statement work, then consider it said. Although I'm confident that in the bimbo parade is at least one whore that has tasted the Tiger.

That's why I started out with the facts, which are much more sparse than the rampant speculation. So at the least we're talking about a marriage w/children, that is likely on the rocks due to the alleged infidelity of someone who, by his position is likely to have said hot and cold running pussy at his fingertips.

As for the PS, it's respect for someone who may wish to display the title of my post, but not have the word fuck show up on their blog. That's all.

It's the same as if I'm going onto a blog where they don't like certain words. If someone doesn't want to hear the word, I'm willing to accommodate them in their part of the blogosphere, or even in a chat if asked.