Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Post of...(Yuletide Friday)

Well, I'm out of themes for Yuletide Friday already, so here comes some links and stories in no particular order.  I'll save the best for my Christmas Eve post (as I won't be posting next Friday here (I will on the other blog though, while working a split shift)).

First up, a vid I found via Free Range Kids.  I can imagine my kids having fun with the Bag O' Glass:

Now, like many of you, I'll have TBS on at some point between 8PM Christmas Eve and 8PM Christmas day, which means one of the dozen consecutive Airings of A Christmas Story. So as not to run the show into the ground with a clip which may make someone want to shoot their eye our, here's a 'where are they now' slideshow of the cast. And yes, one of them did porn (no clips of that either).

One thing I haven't partaken of in my adult life is eggnog. That's probably because I was served shit out of a carton when I was a kid. Maybe I'll try making it this year. Here's the recipe that inspired me to consider it.

In my blog perusals, I came across something from Tao.  It was an ad for a chance to win a free T-shirt.  As it's big and tall wear (and neither I nor any of my family are big and/or tall), I simply pass the POWM image on, with the link to win a free T-shirt.  Because if Tao's busy working, he may blog less (evil selfish motive here).

But hey, if we can't give each other a friendly nudge now and then, what's the point of blogging?

While perusing the news, this story caught my attention, because it redefines the "war on christmas" in ways I didn't think sane. But being a little not sane myself, I thought it was funny:

Finally, lest I get through a YF without a Charlie Brown clip somewhere, here's something for pure fun. Not even that Christmas-y, but hey, that's next week:


Z-man said...

Charlie Brown always seemed depressed to me but this was in the days before Abilify and Paxil. Chemical imbalance?

BB-Idaho said...

Since I grew up in the 40s and 50s,
'Christmas Story' is a favorite.
Takes me back to the good old days of mouth soap, trying the tongue on cold metal and snowsuits...

Toad734 said...

The scary thing is that most people(conservative christians) do think Jesus would be carrying a shotgun killing gays and Democrats if he were alive today.

Toad734 said...

And I think this guy needs a history lesson if he thinks christmas is about Jesus.