Monday, November 23, 2009

Just Another Asshat (AOTW, that is) Monday

Being completely out of the loop this weekend (with a schedule high in staying up late and working and eating some early T-Day meal turkey (a post for the other blog)), I found it hard to come up with a clear Asshat of the week.  So I collected some news where asshattery is in full display, and here's what I found.

Is Any Kennedy Ready for a Senate Seat?

Something that the Founding Fathers busted their ass to do was to avoid the airs and the realities of a ruling class, a royalty.  And although there were early exceptions (the biggest being John Quincy Adams following his father to the presidency), America is known for regularly pumping through relatively fresh blood into the political mix, drawing from all corners of the country and all kinds of people (the latest being Barack Obama).  But we are still attracted to the idea that there are people who, by birth, are better in some way.  Bullshit.  That there's a reason to write a story about getting a Kennedy back into the Senate because there isn't one discounts the concept of merit (although many of the Kennedys listed have done stuff of note) in favor of getting "royalty" back is dumbness.  And for you liberals think it's just a reaction to it being a Democrat family, here's two words that should explain why electing more people from the same family is not necessarily good:  Jeb Bush.  And anyone who wants too keep up the political inbreeding is an asshat.

Indian Prime Minister to Be Received in First State Visit at Obama White House

Our asshat here is any Bush haters that see W as the destroyer of our reputation around the world.  The fact is that no president pleases every country out there.  And Ol' George, besides strengthening ties with Israel, also...
..oversaw the transformation of the relationship after decades of Cold War-era distrust. The new ties are symbolized by a landmark civilian nuclear cooperation accord signed into law last year after years of close communication among senior Indian and U.S. officials who negotiated and then sold the accord to lawmakers.
Interestingly, Obama's Asia visit was marred by a perceived snub of India.  Which, in short, indicates that no president gets it right with every country every time.  So if you want to criticize Bush for a falling reputation with some countries, it's fair.  However, this assumption that America is damaged in the eyes of the world is generalization by asshattery.

Lawyer: 9/11 Defendants Will Tell Jury 'Why They Did It'

 This is a continuation of last week's AOTW.  For these terrorist pieces of shit, it's not about a matter of their guilt or innocence, it's about using the justice system to fuck with us.  That's all I've really got.  Thanks, Barry and Co, for the asshattery.

Lou Dobbs Considers Possible Presidential Run
Let's put it this way.  Glenn Beck has a bigger following and is more successful.   He has a better chance of getting elected than Dobbs, because people other than pissed off liberals know who he is.  And in reality, neither would have a snowball's chance in hell of getting past the crazies and the base.    Of course, it could be some crappy comedian-turned failed radio talk show puke running for office.  But that's just a Senate seat.  And I think Dobbs might have less experience then Obama did.  There's an asshat somewhere in there.

But I think I've finally decided:

Rich Obama Voters are Asshat of the Week!

Lawmakers Propose 'War Surtax' to Pay for Troop Increase in Afghanistan
If you were poor to middle class and were either pissed at Bush, desirous to punish the EEEVIL RICH for being themselves, or lobotomized (the majority), then I can see why you'd vote for Barry the sugar daddy:  Because he'd take care of you.  But if you are on the dwindling list of people that pay significant amounts of taxes and you voted for Obama and the Democrats, then you either are a masochist, you hate yourself, or you have a botox lobotomy.

Let's see, there are taxes on the rich to pay for health care, taxes on the rich to pay for the bailouts, taxes on the rich for pretty much any idea that comes down the pike.  Now, with no ability for Obama to even make a decision in Afghanistan, Rep. David Obey and Sen. Carl Levin are calling for taxes to pay for Afghanistan.

Uh, aren't we trying to recover from a recession?  Or is this about sucking the few people who do have money dry so everybody's broke?

So if you actually have money and you voted for Obama, well, not only you're an asshat, but most of you are going to get to have fun with some public assistance.  I swear, my ass is getting chapped thinking about it.


Beth said...

So many asshats, so little time.

Anonymous said...

Will we ever see victory in Afghanistan? I doubt it. I think we are in a war that we or anyone else just can not win.
Never again should we be so naive as to get involved with a winless war.Maybe we can buy our way to victory in Afghanistan, but I think that Obama is right and we should not be sending anymore troops to their slaughter.

By the way is that picture of the guy with his head up his ass, you?

Toad734 said...

The difference here being that if McCain and Palin were in the White House we would be planning our next 100 years in Iraq, invading Iran and cutting more taxes on the rich (who would benefit from these wars) and run up the debt even more than Bush did.

I think the people who made money on the Iraq war should pay the tax...Exxon, Halliburton, Blackwater, Carlisle, UDI, etc.

Patrick M said...

Nappy: I think that Obama is right....

About Afghanistan? HE HASN'T MADE A DECISION! And therein lies the problem. Either he needs to commit the troops or pull them out. My problem is that he has dicked around with that decision for too damned long (as did Bush with the pre-surge Iraq mess).

As fort the pic, if that was me I'd be using said flexibility to give myself head (and thus never be posting here). Alas, I am not that flexible. That was the result of a Google image search for "rich Obama voter."

Toad: At least they'd have made a damned decision. And I don't think ANYBODY could have racked up the debt Obama is doing right now, even if they doubled down.

As for this hate the rich mentality, I think you need to stop being so pissed. It'd be good. Maybe if I get up your direction, I'll take you out for a drink. You could sure use it.

dmarks said...

About that tax, Levin and Obey are misguided in that they want to wage war on the American economy with another punitive and damaging tax hike.

Why can't the two Senators turn their attentions in more useful directions and concentrate on ways to clobber the Taliban, instead of clobbering the average American?

Toad said: "The difference here being that if McCain and Palin were in the White House ....and run up the debt even more than Bush did."

Instead of what we got??? Which is Obama running up the debt at a rate that is 8 times faster than what Bush did?

(I cut out the imaginary scenarios and replaced them with ......
They are another subject)

Toad also said: "I think the people who made money on the Iraq war should pay the tax...Exxon, Halliburton, Blackwater, Carlisle, UDI, etc."

These companies already pay a massive amount of taxes.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust anyone that cuddles up to the liberals so that they would love him.. And on POVs or Opinions page, indeed it is true the adage which says they are like a**holes in that everyone has one, or in this case, acts like one!

Toad734 said...


You're right, we should just rush judgment and send in the troops before we have reliable information just like Bush did....How did that turn out last time?


He is only running up the debt because of the hole Bush got us in and because of Republican deregulation of the banking/mortgage industry. Do you really think he would have just started handing out 7 billion dollars to banks if he didn't have to fix the mess they got themselves into?? Get real.

dmarks said...

Toad: "He is only running up the debt because of the hole Bush got us in"

Sorry, you don't get out of a hole by digging faster and faster to make the hole deeper.

"because of Republican deregulation of the banking/mortgage industry."

The mortgage meltdown was caused by Democrat's over-regulation. The specific policy to give out mortgates to undeserving people. The Republicans tried to stop it, actually.


"You're right, we should just rush judgment and send in the troops before we have reliable information just like Bush did....How did that turn out last time?"

Actually, we made the best choice, and directly addressed the terrorism problem by dealing with the root cause: terrorist regimes. We did not "rush to judgment". The decision to strike back at the terrorists was made after a long time of deliberation.

BB-Idaho said...

War surtax? Nothing new under the sun: top tax rates on wealthiest1917-1918 (av 77%) WWI, 1940-1945
(av 89%) WWII, 1952 (av 75%) Korea & Cold War. ..of course, we can simply cut tazes and borrow for wars, as seems the latest bright idea....

dmarks said...

Actually, we get more than enough money coming in now to cover national defense (a legitimate federal expense). It's probably the other stuff we are borrowing for.

Pamela D. Hart said...

This "war" tax is just proof of one of the...fibs Obama told during the campaign. Remember when he said, "If you make $250,000 or less, you won't see your taxes go up ONE dime."

Oh, wait my bad, they're going up THOUSANDS of dimes!

TRUTH 101 said...

More examples of selfish right wing behavior here Patrick. I've been harping on this since 2006. Will you pay higher taxes to pay for the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq that you support. In all that time only one rightie has said yes. You have zero credibility.

dmarks said...

"Will you pay higher taxes to pay for the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq that you support. In all that time only one rightie has said yes. You have zero credibility."

Perhaps the "righties" who support such an idea have no credibility. There are many other funding alternatives for funding.

robert thomas and his thoughts said...

I feel that unless millions of Americans who will vote become more educated about what it will take to save this republic, we are just set up for another election based on who promises the most goodies. More smiling politicians who promise to make my life better. More promises of more "programs" Like this guy here that gets his rocks off calling republican’s “righties”
Those who voted Obama in do not keep up with current events which can also elevate his poll numbers. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. We have to get these folks dumped.
Millions of Americans need to decide that we need to elect Constitution-loving patriots who will strictly abide by the limits of that document, and begin dismantling "programs" that are in violation of it; even if it hurts. Americans that understand that the only thing we want from our government is to protect our homeland, and stay out of our way while we use our liberty to improve our own lives and the lives of those whom we love. Yes, Obama did it. But, people won't fall for the Phoney a second time. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are NOT stupid people (in spite of what we'd like to believe) But neither are the majority of the American people.
But as Beth said...
"So many asshats, so little time."

Patrick M said...

Anonydolt I don't trust anyone that cuddles up to the liberals so that they would love him..

As opposed to cowardly fucks that haven't got the decency to address the asshole to his face?

Toad: You're right, we should just rush judgment....

Yeah, that's it. Obama's not rushing. He's not rushing to make a decision when we're already on the ground with plenty of experience and intel in the theater, as opposed to a pre-invasion period (which lasted for a few years).

101: Will you pay higher taxes to pay for the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq that you support.

A few points I have to address here. With as much as we are spending on redistribution schemes, there is plenty of money that could be better spent on legitimate federal functions.

As for support, I agree with the reasons we went in there in the first place, Iraq became a mess and should have been resolved by now, and I'm ambivalent about our role in Afghanistan. My issues with Obama's stance (or lack thereof) is that he's not either committing or withdrawing.

TRUTH 101 said...

What would you take money from then Patrick and Dmarks?

You two going to go Palin on me and say "waste" or some other meaningless word or phrase that makes guys like Mr. Thomas giddy?

dmarks said...

There's nothing meaningless about the term 'waste', as there is so much of it.

How about getting rid of the billions in the SCHIP program (supposedly for poor children!) that go to rich adults. Means test Social Security and Medicare. Get rid of the corporate welfare programs (i.e. Department of Commerce going overseas to promote businesses, government making advertising for private business.... things business can and should just do themselves). There are so many other examples..... like this one, how can anyone excuse the fact that Obama's stimulus package (to help the US economy) contained billions in foreign aid?

It looks like "going Palin" is some sort of compliment, as in your usage it appears to mean "to identify real problems in government and to provide good solutions to them".

And, again, the answer is a flat-out NO for your demand that we punish the American people with further overtaxation in connection with the Iraq and Afghanistan efforts. Please punish the terrorists, not the American people.

ImAlwaysRight said...

Hey Mr. Patrick, It's time that you made yourself the "Ass-hat" of the week. Get a backbone and tell it like it is, it's Obama's fault. Tell these libs what they don’t want to hear.. It’s no longer Bush’s war, it’s no longer Bush’s economy. Tell them that Obama screwed up, and this is now HIS era of responsibility. Start owning up to them and stop trying to pander to these people! BETH IS RIGHT... You are a wimp. You can’t take both sides just to gain readers. Read the blogs of these people. They say one thing to you and another on their blogs. Aren’t you beginning to see a pattern here? Please tell me you are joking. Has Shaw, or TAO or Truth admitted to even one of Obama’s colossal screw ups? NO! Not at all, if you listen to those pussies, it’s always Bush’s fault, or Cheney’s fault, or Rush’s fault, or Glenn Beck’s fault. And they are still on the attack of Sarah Palin, their current target.
Poor misunderstood Barack Obama, he inherited everything. Even this massive deficit that he so conveniently created, to put this country so deep in debt that we will never get out. .
Bush had between 4-6% unemployment rate under his rule for all 8 years, now it’s OVER 10 percent and still rising.. Patrick, you have every right to disagree with me, but don’t make yourself into the schmuck they are taking your for. Don’t let them blame Obama’s socialist policies on President Bush. Obama blaming Bush for his Socialist status is like Stalin getting peeved that people tagged him a murderous Communist and trying to push the blame for his reputation on Lenin. Sorry Barry- when you act like a Socialist you get labeled like a Socialist. Bush has not a damn thing to do with that occurrence. These Mental Midgets don’t know a thing about real Americans. Everybody around this guy is a socialist, a Marxist, a communist, a statist, a collectivist, a redistributions, & hide behind the labels of liberal or progressive. From his Marxist father, to his Marxist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, to his Revs Wright & Moss, & almost everyone he has brought in to run his administration, are hardline lefty socialist. I always thought more of you Patrick, but apparently I was wrong... Get a backbone You are a WUSS.
Whenever anyone blames anything on Obama, that little cockroach TAO comes out of its crack in the woodwork and screams racism, as does SHAW!

Patrick M said...

I'm: Hey Mr. Patrick, It's time that you made yourself the "Ass-hat" of the week.

Been there, done that, for having created, then realizing I had to maintain asshat of the week.

As for the rest...

Here's a point to think about. Now I know this is a challenge, but try it:

Assuming everything you said was true (and most of the stuff about Obama is), Obama was elected despite the evidence that he'd likely do what he is doing. So which is better, debating the issues on logic, reason and Constitutionality, or screaming the same shit over and over for four years, seeing it didn't really work in 2008 (and believe me, I said it when it was important)?

Now get a pair (ovaries, testicles, whatever) and try to talk rather than regurgitate the same line over and over.