Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day 2009 and AOTW (belated)

I had most of yesterday taken up.  As a result, I neglected to come up with an Asshat of the Week. 

But Today is Election Day.  It's one of those off years, so most stuff is local crap.  There are 3 state referendums in Ohio.  I still haven't decided (especially Issue 3 (the latest attempt to legalize gambling)) how to vote, but I'm going to do so during that time I don't have kids to wrangle (and after I crap out this post).

So assuming you have an idea what's going on (and if you read blogs like this, you probably do) then get out there and vote for something.

And going with the apathy theme:

The Angry Non-Voter is Asshat of the Week!

Now this doesn't include the person that doesn't give a shit about anything and wants to live in a box of their own creation.  Those are people that don't need to vote.  If you have to be bribed or dragged to the polls, you don't know anyone on the ballot, and someone has to tell you who to vote for, you're a zit on the ass of the democratic process and should just go home and drink poison.  You won't be missed.

This is for the person that stands out there and bitches about how shitty things are  They bitch about Obama (or previously, Bush).  They bitch about how the government is screwing them.  They whine about how Washington is the devil.  They carry on about the shit (usually with badly worded and misspelled homemade signs).  They have opinions on everything.

They they don't go and vote.

Then they rail about how there are no real choices in the system.

Here's a hint, asshats:  Exercise what power you have.  Everything else is blather.

Voting is a right, privilege, and responsibility in this country.  A free people possess the right to choose their representatives, and to decide on some policy and taxes.  It is a privilege that not everyone in this country, much less the world, enjoys (although those in this country who can't exercise said right lost it for cause).  And with it comes a responsibility to dedicate at least a couple brain cells to read up enough to make an intelligent choice.  We don't always do so. 

So if you're that ignorant, stay away.  There's always circle jerks. 

And if you want a right to complain, then do a bit of reading and get out there to vote.


Beth said...


(And vote NO for Issue 3)

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Quite a difference from Election day 2008 I must say. What was there maybe 2 people in front of me in line.

TRUTH 101 said...

You almost make me feel guilty for carting folks from nursing homes and bars to the polls Patrick.

Vote no on gambling. While it can be a good revenue producer, for some reason states with gambling like here in Illinois are still broke. The gambling licenses are a license for politicos to take bribes. They end up as sweepstakes prizes for communities that go crazy into debt for a gambling boat.

Patrick M said...

Beth and 101: I did end up voting on Ohio Issue 3 (the gambling one).

And I really wanted to vote yes, because there is no reason we should ban a voluntary activity (same view I happen to take on drugs and prostitution). But it was another narrow interest vote, and not an appropriate use of a constitutional amendment.
It's also why I voted against Issue 2 (more government).

Of course, it appears they'll both pass.

101: If the people are asking for a ride, it's not so bad. But wheeling the senile to the polls, where they're looking for FDR's name...?

And why the fuck would you cart the drunk to vote? Is that how Democrats win? :)

dmarks said...

Well, it looks like the voters gave a strong "no" vote to Obamanomics (unnecessary tax hikes, robbing from the poor to make government workers rich, overregulating the wrong things, etc) in New Jersey.