Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Post

It's Tuesday, I'm behind on lot of stuff. So I'm going to just post because there are some things I want to comment on:

Patrick Swayze - The actor lost his 2-year battle with cancer. Now I wasn't going to comment (being that I didn't feel strong enough to have something significant to add). But Dee, as always, had some perspective and this clip (which required Swayze to be a buff straight man to the also-late Chris Farley):

Kanye the Asshat - Normally, I wouldn't give him the time of day. I still won't. But when the President of the United States calls you a jackass, it bears noting. Good call, Mr President. Too bad it was off the record.

The Nuts of ACORN (apology for the bad pun) - Last week, I was considering a post for them congratulating them on tossing some people for faking voter registrations (and defrauding them of cash). And that's despite my questioning as to why you should be paying people to sign up voters.

Then cane the video:

I'll reserve final judgment until all the facts are clearly out there on this (just in case it turns out there is some video fraud here (though I doubt it)). But when you have an organization that attracts people like this, people who defraud their employer, people who try to rig elections, and (possibly worse?) a future POTUS, then there's something wrong.

It's gotten so bad that the Democrat Senate voted to cut off their funding.

And re I thought they'd fade away until there was another federal election to rig.

If I were Joe - A last thought on the Joe Wilson situation. I guess the House is going to be bringing a "resolution of disapproval" for his outburst last week. If I were Joe, when the formal reprimand was delivered, I'D FRAME IT!!!

I wonder what my representative will say when, in a future trip to Washington when my younglings are of age, I ask him about getting held in contempt of Congress. Because the august body's opinion means shit to me on most things. And if I were a member of it, my focus would be on the people that elected me, not a bunch of whiny bastards trying to score points with their constituents by being outraged.


Satyavati devi dasi said...

I really feel like this whole thing with Joe Wilson (who's an asshole, imho, not just for this: check out his record with Strom Thurmond's mixed-race daughter and the Confederate flag on the State House)... is merely a symptom of the absolute lack of respect this country has anymore.

The office of the President, even if you don't like him, needs to be respected.

This doesn't mean that if Joe Wilson is sitting in his office or in his LaZBoy at home, or if you or I are sitting around the yard, we can't say, if we think it, gee, the President's an idiot.

But basic rules of professionalism would tend to suggest that you don't call your boss (for lack of a better term, and don't get all fucking semantic on me trying to tell me that the president's not the boss of a senator) a liar when you're in the middle of a meeting.

Joe Wilson's behaviour, besides being ignorant, is representative of the general lack of respect that's going on today. Do I think he's a racist? I think his history speaks for itself on that. But regardless, this is a serious breach of professionalism as well as common courtesy and respect for the office of the President of the United States.

He's an asshole.

Patrick M said...

Saty: That was yesterday, and I did give him the AOTW for his appropriate (and entertaining) outburst.

However, this continuing witch hunt only serves to help him.

As for respect, it has to be earned, and when someone has heard enough bullshit (and even those lies), sometimes civility has to be compromised to clarify the point.

And as for insinuating he's a racist, can you actually cite anything where he even shows some prejudice (unlike the two examples where you have to stretch to do so)?

Satyavati devi dasi said...

We've already discussed the prejudice thing but I stand firm on the rest of it: the OFFICE of the President, if nothing else, has got to be respected.

This week we have seen in spades the absolute pervasiveness of rude behaviour in this country from all kinds of celebrities. People are just rude assholes anymore.

Joe Wilson, if nothing else, has absolutely no professionalism and I think he's a disgrace to his office.

Dee said...

Excellent rundown Patrick!! Yeah, the Chippendales thing was great. I loved both Patrick and Chris, its sad to think they are both gone.

Acorn is corrupt to the core, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg right now. Glenn Beck was listing how many stories the different networks had done on them and besides Fox and CNN the others were just downright embarrassing.

I loved your comments on the radio show yesterday. I gave you a touche on all of them ;)!!

TAO said...

I think it is funny that the two radicals you know Patrick, Saty and I both have issues with the lack of RESPECT in regards to the political debate today and the office of the President.

Yet, all these flaming radical righties with their flags, their constitutions, their support the troops, their 'look at my service to this country' and all the other trappings of patriotism that they could possibily think of to cut and paste all over their blogs are absolutely going NUTS over pissing all over the office, the man, and the history...

Not real sure, but that Commander in Chief thing must not be all that well drilled into recruits heads in basic training....or maybe somehow their service is demanding of respect and as such they believe that they can then disprepect anyone they want to, including the president...or maybe they never served and they are nothing more than a bunch of unemployed drunks using the computers at the Rescue Mission?

What do you think?

Patrick M said...

Saty: Rude is a fair assessment (and the reason I smacked Joe with AOTW).

Tao: I'll answer your question when I figure it out.

But there's a difference between respecting the office, and the man in it, and addressing the points that the disrespecting person has made.

And as I've not been on the other blogs for a bit....