Friday, May 22, 2009

The Church of Patrick M - Part 3

As discussing my politics is currently as effective as pissing in the wind (and I'm burning out), I'm going to recharge a little by going hard toward the faith angle. Because most of us have it, a few of us need it, and some of us couldn't explain there's with a teleprompter. So I'm going to ban politics from the comments and just discuss faith matters, and lay out the mixed bag of stuff I've got until I run out of posts.

Also, remember, God does have a sense of humor; just look at the platypus.

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Prayers and Powers

From my early days, prayer was associated with memorizing and rattling off a dizzying list of prewritten prayers, only one of which actually shows up in the bible. I prayed so much, I'm still pretty certain I could crack out a Rosary or two. As long as I got started (then it's 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, and some other prayer I can't remember because it was really a postscript.

However, I always felt this was a tad inefficient, even though there was a belief that enough rosary prayer would convert Russia (1917). It got converted to destroying Communism during the Cold War, and we know that took almost 50 years. And for the faithful and forgetful (and easily sold) you can get your very own Prayer on a Cross (specifically, one that all the Christians use, not just the Catholics.

Now this is not to discount the power and value of prayer, just to mock the ridiculousness in its application. Because it's not quantity that matters (unless you're selling prayer crosses), it's quality. And it's not the specific words even (some of mine can't be said on television). Because I have some theories on how prayer works.

Prayer, in a general sense is the focusing of one's mental and spiritual energy on a pure intent. and many people gathered amplify and strengthen one another in this endeavor. And it's this (and that intimate connection with God) that creates the results that we can see. Some are coincidental (like your team winning the Super Bowl), some are interpersonal, or telepathic (discovering that lost child who miraculously finds her way right to the rescuers or vice versa), and some are channeling (actual faith healings). Now there is documentation of these kinds of healings in both the faithful and non-faithful, because at a minimum, it is the power of the body focused on a task. But this is dependent on the person that needs healed, not necessarily on some asshat with the warm hands.

Extrasensory perceptions and powers come with this as well. If we are beings with the ability to focus and channel our energies, then these things are within our grasp to varying degrees. Maybe we won't be wielding wands and shit, but the link between kickass fantasy magic and the real possibilities of what the mid could do has always fascinated me. After all, within most lasting stories, there is some element of truth. And while I lack the concrete evidence (we are talking beliefs, you know), I have some ideas how they are done (and yes, we're going into left field now folks):

It all ties into the age of our souls. Those who have been around for a longer period develop the affinity to and the abilities to control the energies that emanate from and surround us. And the subconscious is the key. (for clarification, this is a sloppy term when used scientifically, but since I'm not talking science....) When we cannot handle things in the mundane world, it is up to the power of our subconscious, which can remember everything that went before. However, as this is not a part of our mind we can access at will, it makes things a little more difficult. It's also why we make the same stupid mistakes in life after life.

Empathy and telepathy - These abilities are due to two components: 1. sensitivity to the energies of others and 2. the ability to take these fibers and weave them into a tapestry. These are also skills boosted by our natural senses, which is why they work best on a line of sight.

Divination - There is an order to the chaos. Patterns of existence repeat themselves. Whether though some mundane medium or through inner sight, these occurrences can sometimes be seen in advance of their occurrence. However, as everything affects everything, the possibility of the future not changing after you see it is really low. As well, there is always something that is missed from the equation. Thus, you may sense the general direction something may take (and thus influence its course by your mind), but being able to come up with next week's lottery numbers is pretty much bullshit.

Ghosts, spooks, and spirits - As there is a sensitivity to the minds of other people, there is a sensitivity to other levels and planes of existence. Assuming that spirits have left us, traveled to these other places, and returned, the memories and knowledge to go there exists in us. So it is possible in that way to sense what is not there, to see what cannot be seen, as it is for them to do the same with us, dealing with the same limitations.

Conversion/manipulation - This includes telekinesis, weather control, etc; the ability to control your environment through the application and conversion of mental energy to another state. As this one requires control over the energies, not just a sensitivity, this is the most out there of possibilities.

Final thoughts - In the end, what I believe and what I know shape how I perceive everything. They shape how everyone perceives things. And the important thing in seeking your beliefs is not the destination, but the journey.

Oh, and if you think I'm out there:


rockync said...

wow, Patrick, no I don't think you're out there; I believe you are really getting in there. The idea that God is a force of nature and that we are all interconnected to each other and the universe is the basis of natural religion and when you simply toss all the fear and guilt fostered by organized religion, the real journey begins. I find myself enjoying more peace and contentment now than at any other time in my life - it's actually quite liberating.
Buddah said,"The key to happiness is letting go." Both a most simple and most complex statement to ponder...

Satyavati devi dasi said...

I wouldn't quite go so far as to say God is a 'force of nature'.

But we're not supposed to be arguing, so I'll just go play DDR.

rockync said...

Saty - perhaps a poor choice of words on my part. I see God as intertwined with nature, with the universe and beyond. In each and every living thing, I see God's touch and I believe He is in each and every one of us unless one is so evil and lacking of love that they push God out and become - nothing.
Come back and tell how it is with you. I'm interested in your view, no arguments, I promise.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

What we believe is that God is the Supreme Person; that He's a person, but not a fault-filled imperfect one like we are. We've got the same qualities, but just in minute, microscopic quantities that can't compare. We have lots of analogies to explain (see the thing I posted about sunlight and sun that Patrick laughed at..) like in the same way that a drop of the ocean and the ocean may be qualitatively the same, they are completely different quantitatively....

...our view is that the soul is eternal, has no race, nationality, gender, etc., and reincarnates in various bodies (animal and other forms of life included) until it reaches a point where it's able to go back home to the spiritual world... we believe that the problem is that people identify 'themselves' as their bodies, and don't realize that body and soul are completely different...

..and we believe that our purpose/job/goal is to re-establish our relationship with God (Krishna) and to incorporate all our activities into serving Him.

We do believe that Krishna is also present in each living thing as the Supersoul, so we have that in common :)

There you go. There's more to it, but that's for later.

rockync said...

"we believe that the problem is that people identify 'themselves' as their bodies, and don't realize that body and soul are completely different..."

We have that in common, too as I believe my spirit self is merely housed in my body and that it will live on once my body has been used up. I see an "afterlife" where our souls live on enveloped in the love of God - something so wonderful and so fulfilling as to "surpass all understanding" that we currently have.

I'm still undecided about reincarnation...

Patrick M said...

Saty: Okay, now I get your confusion from the prior post.

Actually, I missed the analogy in your complaining about laying mulch. That's what I was laughing at. Not the sunlight analogy.