Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Takes for the Feverish

Haven't been out of the house since Friday, but the boy came down with a fever this morning, which I missed in my daze to get him on the bus. Then I had to hack the ice off the car (where's global warming when you need it) and get him. He was feeling better by lunch. Then the other youngling picked up the fever later in the day. And then guess who got it shortly after? So since there's a few things to cover, it's a quick take day:

Spending with the Enemy - In the orderly transition of power, President Bush and President-Elect Obama have been discussing how to finish off wasting the Dastardly Bastardly Bailout. Put bluntly, from the Bush stimulus vote-buying schemes and the DBB to Obama's New Deal v2.0, we're bipartisan spending our damned country to the grave. Ok, enough whining, on to some good news.

Burn Before Running - Today, I got some good news when I heard my RINO senator, George Voinovitch, is not going to seek reelection in two years. This means I only have to put up with his asshattery for two more years. Now the GOP just has to get an actual conservative to run. We've got enough problem in the Senate with our other senator, Democrat Sherrod Brown (the color of shit).

I Caused Global Warming Today - Googling causes global warming!!! What the fuck ever. This means several things. First, some agenda scientist has too much time on his hands. Second, Google has been too successful for some Marxist's tate. Third, Google is in asshat mode talking about how sensitive to the environment they are. All I need to do now is set up a macro to google endlessly just to tweak the envirodouches.

Exit interviews - I was a little hard on Bush several weeks ago, but fair in my assessment of his eight years. But now it's a matter of him finishing his final week, and doing interviews with everybody. So unless he does anything notably stupid (see above), I'm going to focus my attention on analyzing the upcoming Obama administration. Bush was on Fox News Sunday, with his father. He had his final press conference this morning, and showed some of the Bush that has been lacking at times. He was on the first edition of Hannity's new show, self-titled yet again, which I will have to catch in rerun later (due to an ew ep of Intervention). And he will be getting lots of tribute this week (so far, Dee and Mike have up stuff). And I'll have to come up with something, probably next Monday, Bush's last full day in office.

So that's it. Time to see if I can get my son to school without getting a call to pick his sick ass back up. That means sleep.


Beth said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Patrick M said...

Beth: Feeling better. Felt better within hours. Then the kids developed the pinkeye.

And as I deal with this, the snow is falling and the temperatures are dropping. Guess I'll have to Google a whole lot more.

Beth said...

Ugh, pinkeye!

Yeah, I'd like global warming to hurry up myself, thanks for your efforts in moving us along!

TAO said...

Ah, Patrick, if you would read the fine print you would see where the concept of global warming applies to everywhere in the world except Ohio...

Apparently, Ohio is a very odd place....

Anyway, get better we have an election to celebrate!

Patrick M said...

Beth: Turns out only one of them has the pinkeye. The girl decided to go double ear infection instead!

Next it the ol' death of pneumonia, followed by shooting an eye out.

Tao: I just pulled up weather down in your neck of the woods. You're headed for sub-zero wind chills. We're headed for zero ourselves.

I think you missed some more fine print. Reminds me of a movie I watched tonight. (more in the next post)