Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Announcement and Miscellany

As of yesterday night (when I finally got to my mail), I formally joined the crew over at Conservative Convictions. So I'd like to extend my thanks to:
They have no idea what they have gotten themselves into.

*hokey echoing evil laugh*

Now, I'll get to my intro post there at some point, but I want to make it particularly memorable (and possibly arousing). Until then, they've chucked up my post from Friday, entitled Bootstraps. So if you haven't read it, hop to it.

Now, on to the miscellaneous. I've been adding some new things to the blog, just for shits and giggles (or tits and wiggles, or mitts and chiggles, or wits and schpliggles), and I figgerd I'd highlight them.

Random Obama Facts (left): Speaks for itself, may go away if they don't add anything too interesting.

The 2012 Roster of Potential Candidates (bottom for now): I'm working on a list of people that meet enough criteria that I'd have no problem voting for them come primary and general election time. Now this list is a continuing work in progress, and only indicates potential. Those that make the list still have things they have to do to not get booted when we get to actually looking at candidates on the ballot (Sarah Palin most notably). So I just want some names to add. They do need to be conservatives, with verifiable records, and with some name recognition. Some immediate disqualifiers include:
  • Voting for the Dastardly, Bastardly Bailout, or any massive government expansion
  • Supporting McCain before he became the nominee
  • Major support for any major liberal postion (amnesty, GITMO, health care, global warming)
  • Liberal support (including the Powell/McCain Axis of the party)
  • Huck-a-Duck (yeah, I made him a disqualifier just because)
So far, I have three people on the list (Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Jim DeMint). I want it big. Then, after the midterms in 2010, I can really get a post going.

A Nnew Playlist (coming soon) - I've still got the Christmas music sitting down at the bottom of the blog. I have a new one I should have up by Feb 1, and I'll put it at the top for a couple weeks at that point. Out of curiosity, do you prefer a playlist that just starts playing, or would you like it to wait until you click?

Okay, have to go write an intro for me for CC now. Although I'm probably just going to game instead.


Beth said...

Congratulations on being "discovered" Patrick, and well deserved I might add! Now more people will get to read the great wisdom of you!

As for the Playlist, since I have a friend who uses the computer at his library, he cannot go to blogs with the automatic music starting. Once he went to Soapie's blog and was given dirty looks by patrons nearby when loud music started to play! Just something to consider...

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I'm a faithful reader of that blog. You have joined a great team.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

Molest me not with this fascist autoplay feature browbeating me into adherance to what you deem acceptable for the great masses to listen to for their edification whilst perusing your propaganda....

...yeah, yesterday was kinda a bitch. Can't you tell?


Beth said...

On second thought, if Saty feels that way, yeah go and do the autoplay...


Shaw Kenawe said...

I already knew about your new post at Conservative Convictions, since I comment there once in a while.


PS. The "Random Obama Facts" feature: None of that snark is fact. It's just made up unfunny rambling sour grapes generated by sour people. OTOH, we on the left had our Bushisms and those were REAL and funny.

Obama really is driving you guys crazy, eh?

Patrick M said...

Beth, Saty: Already decided to leave the autoplay off.

And I can announce that the new playlist is up now. But I won't officially roll it out until Feb 1.

Shaw: The "Random Obama Facts" feature: None of that snark is fact.

HOW DARE YOU!!! I found that on a completely reputable site that was on an ad that caught my eye while looking for midget ATM bondage porn. The site even said they were "real" with the quotes and everything.

I'm insulted.

Toad734 said...

Sarah Palin? Really? Just because you like spanking it to her doesn't mean she is qualified to be Pres...Gov...Mother...Ms Alaska, etc.

I pray to God that she is the nominee in 2012 and so does Obama.

But who knows, maybe she can actually learn something by then.

And if you think the US is going to go from a Black Guy named Obama for President to an Indian named Jindal, you are high. This is America and we have lived with black people for a long time now. To most Americans Indians are the guys who drive us to the airport and make our Subway sandwiches, or possibly even sticks his finger in your ass at the Doctors office, not President material.

dmarks said...

"I pray to God that she is the nominee in 2012 and so does Obama. But who knows, maybe she can actually learn something by then."

She has long since learned lessons that the "genius" Barack Obama has yet to learn. Such as the fact that further overtaxing people is not the way to fix the economy.

Barack better be careful or he may get what he wishes for with Palin in 2012. I remember all those people who said that Reagan could not win, or Obama could not win, etc. But they did.

"To most Americans Indians are the guys who drive us to the airport and make our Subway sandwiches"

That is, if Americans aren't thinking of totem poles and tipi's.

Gayle said...

I welcomed you to Conservative Convictions over there, Patrick, and I welcome you again! I know you will be a wonderful addition.

As to your roster, I agree with your choices. Palin, Jindal and DeMint are excellent. They are real conservatives and the GOP is in very short supply of those. I'll be interested in any additions you make to that roster. Personally, I can't think of anyone else.

Arthurstone said...

I'm rooting for JIndal

High time we had an exorcist in the White House.

Although I'm partial to a secessionist as well. Palin would dominate the RILF vote. A large (and growing) constituency.

Tough call.

dmarks said...

"High time we had an exorcist in the White House."

Like Obama has his logo, Jindahl will have his theme song.

Patrick M said...

Toad: Sarah Palin is on my list because she has the creds and none of the automatic disqualifiers. However, were the nominations held today and had the three I list, I would probably vote for one of the other two. She's not ready yet. But she has a couple of years to do so. But your reaction tells me she'd be a good pick.

Just a curious question. Why are you bringing up Jindal's racial heritage. Now that Obama's been elected, race should mean nothing in choosing a candidate. Are we seeing a little race obsession here?

Dmarks: Now that you bring up Reagan, it did take getting someone who simply tanked the economy to do so. And if Obama can't magically turn the economy around, we might get our wish.

Gayle: I should add me to the list, but that's a little too much presumption.

Arthur: As with dear Toad, your comments indicate I'm picking good people.

Toad734 said...


Really, but cutting taxes and overspending have worked flawlessly??? Give me a break. Look at the economy at the end of the Clinton Era vs Bush era. Any questions.

But you are right about one thing, most people in America still think of tipis and casinos when they hear the word "Indian".

Toad734 said...

Yes Patrick, Palin is a fine choice from our perspective; I hope it happens.


Of course that didn't stop you from voting for Bush so....

Look, I can train a dog or a 4 year old to agree with your ideaology, it doesn't mean he is qualified to be president.

I talk about Jindal because I know what "the rest of America" thinks. It doesn't really matter to someone like me or people in Chicago and even though he was elected in LA, I think most red states would be hesitant in voting for a "towel head".

It doesn't mean he couldn't win, but he would have about as an easy time in the SC primary as a three time divorcee, cross dressing, Italian Catholic from NYC.

TAO said...

Ah, Patrick...

While you were hiding behind your blog basking in the glory of picking the conservative slate for the next election 'Walts World' was calling you a wussy on Conservative Convictions....

As far as Sarah Palin goes, you might want to quit letting your lust impair your objective judgement...

So, put her clothes back on her and put her on the shelf of 'has beens'

Beth said...

These guys are so threatened by Sarah Palin, it's quite fun to see actually.

Patrick M said...


Not to sound like Mike, but you are a fucking moron sometimes.

Tao: Same as Toad without the expletive.

Beth: I'm quite entertained. And the reactions tells me that if she gets her political shit together, she could be the next candidate.

dmarks said...

Patrick: It does sound so sexist, too? Can't imagine someone saying that about a man (replacing "making" with "fathering").

Toad: "I think most red states would be hesitant in voting for a "towel head".

That is the exact same sort of logic employed at least once by the Hillary 2008 campaign in warning why Obama could never win.

It's interesting that the strongest opposition to these candidates here is on blatantly sexist and grounds. And the racism and sexism happens to be coming from a commenter who is not even any kind of conservative.

Arthurstone said...

Heh, Heh.

The minute Sarah Palin stops winking at the camera is the moment I begin to take her seriously.

Not really.

But I'd be slightly closer.

And Patrick is correct that Palin's bona fides are in order for the conservative voter.

Guns. Jesus. Babies.

Toad734 said...

I can't believe you guys actually think anyone is threatened by Palin. Guess, what, she lost the election. On paper and in a swimsuit, she looked good to people but once they found out that she was A MORON WHO DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING, McCains number plummeted along with the chances that either one of them will ever be President.

Please, donate to the Palin 2012 fund, sign petitions, what ever you have to do to get her on the ballot. Hell, I'll even let you use my page to help, send money, what ever I need to do to make sure she is the Republican nominee.

Patrick M said...

Arthur, Toad: Do I need to impose a blather quota or are you done beating the dead horse?

And if you missed it, Toad, I said she had potential. She has to get herself up to the caliber of a presidential candidate over the next couple of years. As long as she doesn't follow the McCain mold, she has a chance. Remember, McCain didn't have a chance at the outset of 2008. Neither did President Obama.

dmarks said...

Patrick: And it seems at least one person hates Sarah Palin because she has children.

dmarks said...

and toad said "Look, I can train a dog or a 4 year old to agree with your ideaology, it doesn't mean he is qualified to be president."

If the dog can be trained to sign tax cuts and veto $1 trillion dollar pork bills, there's a good chance that this dog might be more qualified than the current occupier of the White House.