Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 1 - The Story of Barack

I'll admit, I did start my day listening, during a bitch headache, to many hours of talk radio. Sean Hannity, live from the convention, was particularly harsh. But between that and endless clips of Joe Biden praising McCain and attacking Obama and generally sticking his foot in it, I was pretty fired up for the Michelle Obama speech tonight.

The theme for tonight is, of course, an intro to the backstory of Barry, who became Barack, who rose from a rough beginning to ride the wave to the convention.

I missed, though I did note, that Senator Kennedy managed to get out to the podium, as they were giving him a tribute tonight. For someone of his age fighting cancer, he looked pretty damned good (for Teddy, that is). It's probably good I didn't hear what he said or I'd be proudly ruthless. And if my daughter was awake, I'd entertain her with my Fat Teddy imitation.

Michelle took the stage for her speech at 10:30 here. I can honestly say that, in the event Obama becomes president, Michelle will be an easy first lady to look at. As for the speech, it was nothing especially exciting, but it was good overall. It was also designed to tamp down the harsher criticism of Michelle's prior comments. I think it did so.

Obama was watching the speech from Kansas City. Immediately following, he appeared by remote to say hi. Of course, his daughters, being as utterly cute as they are, stole the show from that point.

More things from the first day:

The Protestors Are Out - Something I've noticed. The crazy protesters that call down the police seem to always be crazy left. They'll probably be at the GOP convention next week, but the difference there is that the GOP doesn't really have to cater to these goofs. But if I find any to annoy me, I'll be sure to rip them. At least the goofballs were not out in force. Too bad. I wanted to see a zoo.

Hillary's on the Ballot - I figger it's more of a power play, but I doubt it will become a full-blown fight. It's more about the clintons clinging to what power they can.

Minimal audible Red Meat for today. They've got a few days though. You'll hear the groan when they do.

Until Tuesday....


Shaw Hussein Kenawe said...

Michelle Obama was spectacular. There is no other word to describe her performance last night.

Her presentation was flawless, and she was pitch-perfect in the content of her speech.

She spoke of an American family--the American story of using hard work, diligence and the support of a loving family to achieve the American dream.

The American dream was presented by and personified in Michelle Obama.

Only a Grinch would demean her effort last night.

And there were plenty of them on the cable teevee doing their best to trash her.

Only people with onions for hearts were not moved by both Sen. Kennedy's and Mrs. Obama's presentations.

For me, seeing Teddy in his Last Hurrah was poignant, and brought back many, many memeories of the dynamic Kennedy family.

The Conservative Christianists will mock him and the terrible tragedy he was involved in 40 years ago. Those Conservative Christianists people do not believe in redemption--the very heart of Christian dogma.

Everytime Ted Kennedy's name comes up on one of those blog, they talk about his alcohol consumption and Chappaquidik.

George W. Bush was for years and years an alcoholic who was, at one point,arrested for drunk driving. He changed his ways. He redeemed himself in the eyes of his god. End of story.

It's more of an indictment on the Conservative Right and their continual trashing of Sen. Kennedy than it is on Ted--who has gone on with his life, redeemed himself, and served his god, his family and country well.

Patrick M said...

Uh, Shaw, you're the one who brought up Teddy's driving record.

But the nicest part of the were the Obamas' girls. They were cu-ute. Not as cute as my cutie pie, but pretty close.

Sorry, my daughter threatened me if I didn't write that. Of course she did it with a pouty lip.

Patrick M said...

Two other things:

Only people with onions for hearts were not moved by both Sen. Kennedy's and Mrs. Obama's presentations.

I don't actually have a heart. But I cant' imagine any political speech moving me anymore.

Everytime Ted Kennedy's name comes up on one of those blog, they talk about his alcohol consumption and Chappaquidik.

I can agree with you there. Was reading my blogroll today and Dee did just that. There's some good things there too, but I figger you'd like to give her shit about it.

shaw kenawe said...

I brought up Sen. Kennedy because you mentioned in your post you'd probably rag on him for something. Can't remember.

Patrick M said...

That's because, except on the left, Ted Kennedy is as much a parody as he is a politician. You have your whipping boys, we have ours. But I did steer clear of the nastiness.