Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Thoughs Before the Kids Attack

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(Really it was just 23)

First of all, a nod to Obob for the silliness, as well as a reminder that, while I could kick ass on pissed off 5-year-olds, there will probably be hell to pay having to deal with my dear younglings over the weekend. Thus, the short takes and reading assignments abound so I can concentrate on baby bunnies, wading pools, and poop.

From the SoapBox - From the man on the SoapBox(blog) comes answers to a survey sent out by a Democrat running against his man in that state that elected a goofy pro wrestler as their governor once. These are local Minnesota issues, but it's the very essence of what conservatism is. Thus I mention it.

Yes, I Read Liberals - Watching the Obama World Tour, sponsored by the Must Suck Media (double entendre intended), I remember hearing from more conservative circles that this might come back to bite Barack in the ass. Before all you libs jump in my shit for getting talking points from Rush, check out what uber-lib Susan Estrich has to say.

Tear Down This Wall, uh, Too - Barry, walking in the footsteps of Presidents, gave his speech to the world from Berlin, cribbing his best lines from both Reagan and Kennedy. It was standard soaring Obama speech, full of hope and change. And this time he had thousands of people who don't vote for President to share this message with. There was good and there was bad. I'd analyze, but I'd have to be interested in excruciating detail, so go read Mike do a more comprehensive post. I was just waiting for him to address them in two other languages just to prove his international cred on both sides of the pond: "Ich bin ein Berliner, dos."

... Is Responsible for This Tag - Two ads. McCain came out with one on gas prices. Also, there's a flipflop slam ad directed toward Obama. One problem I have with both of these, and it has nothing to do with content. At the end of both of these ads is the disclaimer of who ithe ad is produced by, announced out loud. It's a regular reminder of what can happen when politicians try to control free speech. It's hard to not dislike a politician and find it hard to ever vote for him when every political ad reminds us of the legacy of McCain-Feingold.

Screw it. It's summer. It's the weekend.


Beth said...

Bonus points for getting "uber" in your posting today, bravo!

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Indeed bonus points! Of course, I don't know where they are accepted. Certainly not in as many places as is Visa.

Thanks for the plug Patrick. While it is true that it's Minnesota politics, as you well know the principles apply anywhere else.

Patrick M said...

Beth: It's been my favorite prefix since it was applied to vampires.

Soap: No problem. More people should read about principles. Asshats included.

Obob said...

23,000 five year olds, what are you using, the lost WMDs?
My favorite liberal writer is Camille Paglia. She is brutally honest with a sharp wit about her. Her belittling of Madonna for her games and her desire to verbally assault Mark Penn in an airport is classic.
thanks for the prop

Patrick M said...

23,000 five year olds, what are you using, the lost WMDs?

Yep. I should probably send Saddam a thank you note. Just hadn't gotten around to it.

Oh wait, he's dead. Darn.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

Shit. First, my hearing started to go. Then, my hairline started receding. Then, my hair started to turn gray. And now.....

I can only take on 32 five year olds?

Ah least I can still ollie over the 4' bench at the park. So take that ya little kiddies!

Beth said...

What is wrong with me, I could only take on 8 five year olds. One reason I am not a kindergarten teacher.