Friday, June 6, 2008

Traditions and Sexual Segregation

I was listening to yesterday's post-mortem on the Hillary Clinton campaign (unless she has yet another surprise (it is the Clinton Machine)), and some talking head babe (credit to Fox News for putting smart hotties on the air) was saying that there was sexism in the campaign, but it wasn't a deciding factor. There was also a story I heard before that about desegregating restrooms. I'm sure it was happening in that crazy place we call California, but I'm too lazy to look it up.

Now I'm all for inclusion and integration in most everything, there should be no differences, blah, blah, blah. However, as a proud manly man, I still firmly believe that, while women should have equal rights, there should be places and things that remain for men. Time to enumerate:

Restrooms - I appreciate (having a set of younglings) the beauty of a family restroom where everybody can crowd in and get cleaned up. But I also appreciate the ability and pleasure to piss standing up. I'm sure you women out there have seen a urinal before. Well, there's something that would be lost if we can't stand there, hold our junk, give it a shake in the end, and walk out without stares from the womenfolk.

On a side note though, I've noticed that, while they seem to stick changing stations for babies in all the women's restrooms, the men's room often lacks such devices. As a single father with diapers to change, this pisses me off. It's also inherently sexist.

The Barber Shop - Mine is located half a block from my house. I have been getting hacked there for several years, and my son has for half his life (although I'm considering buzzing him for the summer). It's a place where men cut men's hair in a manly way. It's sure as shit not an unsexed style salon where chain smoking chicks butcher men between cigarettes and the unholy things they do to women's hair.

Deer Camp - There should always be a time and place where the men can go, eat good food, spend the day in the woods, and mercilessly fire off gay jokes at each other. In other words, they should have man time. For me, this is best epitomized by deer camp. That may change in the future, but whether it is a hunting trip, fishing, or just going somewhere to drink and smoke, men need man time.

Nudie Booths - As the nudie bar has become a place where more women (other than the workers) want go, especially by men who want their women to get into some hot lesbo action, there is still a place where a man can be alone. That place is the nudie booth. Need I explain more? Don't know what I'm talking about yet? Then here's the clip from the movie Clerks that explains it all:

That's it. No other point will be made. Have a weekend.


Anonymous said...

haha. wait, you're a conservative capable of reasonable debate AND you have a sense of humor?! i'm in shock.

Patrick M said...

What, is this your first venture into the complicated and merry world of SPD?

I've been doing this for a little while. And while I don't misrepresent what I know and believe, my goal is to attract and entertain as many people with my writing as possible.

Plus, if you keep reading, it will eventually make enough sense that YOU will become conservative. It's too late now. You've been infected with my wisdom. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

But seriously, the reason you're sirprised is because you missed my post on the Origins of SPD.

Beth said...

I agree completely!

Patrick M said...

Beth: Does that include proper cleaning of nudie booths?

Beth said...

That goes without saying, doesn't it?

Patrick M said...

If I answer you, I'm probably getting hit.

Obob said...

I shocked by your lack of PC behavior.
The only time I see girls in the boys bathrooms is at concerts when our line is shorter.
And yes, with one in diapers, a changing table does help.
And if you can't take a gay joke in your direction, get over it. Life will pass.
well done up and down