Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Origin of SPD (or Wasting Time)

Note: I began writing this blog entry shortly after learning of the death of William F Buckley, Jr. While he did not influence me personally, he did influence many who have influenced me. Therefore, I leave it to those who revered him most to give him the proper tribute he deserves.

As this blog has grown, I have contemplated the reasons I continue to churn out whatever is in my head. And since those reasons have changed little from the first day I posted something, I figured I'd share the story of how this blog came about.

I grew up in rural Ohio with a family that was always involved in politics in some way. I remember watching TV or listening to the radio on the night of the election, trying to hear who won. My father was still a Democrat at the time (he turned from the Dark Side in the 90's) but I was aware of politics happening. I was in High School when Rush Limbaugh became big, with his radio show, his television show, and his two book. From there, I will admit to marching to whatever party line there was without thinking about it. However, having spent a decade thinking about these things, and listening to many different points of view, I have come to my opinions as I present them, from a conservative worldview, but with some libertarian leanings, as well as occasionally adopting more liberal things in the rare (extra emphasis on the rare there) instances they work.

The other major component of the blog is my writing. I began writing low brow humor while still in my junior high years, moving to poetry and short stories as I finished high school. I have continued to work in fiction and poetry, rarely producing anything of opinion or fact. My second attempt at a book is still in the process of editing, and when I have it written to my satisfaction, then I will certainly publish it. I have, since starting SPD, also begun posting some poetry on my other blog, currently titled That Which Was, That Which Is, That Which Ever Shall Be , although I reserve the right to rename it whenever I want.

I had two motivations that led to the stellar blog of note (whenever Blogger gets around to deciding I should be listed as one) that you read now. First, I had a relationship ending at the time I began considering a blog. At that point, there was simply the desire to get back to writing, as my energies were being sapped dealing with two children and partner who was anything but. So as I was shoving her out the door, I began to write, choosing to pour my opinion on politics, philosophy, and religion out on the Internet rather than churning out poetry. Second, this was a time before I discovered blogs with similar philosophies as mine. Too often, I only heard about the most extreme bloggers out there, as I was watching the O'Reilly Factor a lot at the time. My response was to create a blog that would bring a reasonable approach to politics, blasting kookiness at only the already kooky, and being fair and respectful to significant political figures. This meant speaking with minimum respect toward politicians I disagree with, skewering them only on substance, rather than making snide jokes at their expense.

It has been a challenge, especially juggling work and kids, especially as a single father. In addition, I have been told I'm wasting time doing this. But while I don't know exactly where it will lead, it's a step in finally making something happen.

So it is with those elements and this short post that Sane Political Discourse began. I promise to keep all you readers riveted with my perfectly correct opinions, excessively overblown sense of humor, and utterly humble demeanor concerning my greatness that radiates from me, the newest and greatest conservative cult figure ever created. Bask in the glow.


Mike's America said...

I wouldn't call blogging "time wasting."

Though I do find the time spent responding with reason and civility to the left wing kooks mostly time wasted.

Have you ever noticed that when you respond to their pre-programmed talking points they simply dismiss your original and consderiate reply and just restate their points?

This is what we call a "cut and paste moonbat" who can't think through what he believes to the point where he can actually explain it in his own words.

Patrick M said...

I didn't call it a waste of time, my dad did.

I respond in kind mainly to influence their readers. If one person rethinks one position, or steps away from ideology on just one issue, it's a positive step.

And if they don't want to be civil, then I point out they can't get laid unless they drug the family dog, then delete their inane response.

Mike's America said...

"If one person rethinks one position, or steps away from ideology on just one issue, it's a positive step."

In all the dozens and dozens of hours I have spent trying to enlighten libs who leave their talking point comments at my site only one, maybe two have EVER shown the slightest ability to put aside their ideology and think anew.

On the whole, conservatism is founded on a rational set of principles based on observations of the way the world works. Modern liberal/socialism is founded on feelings and beliefs about the way the world SHOULD work.

On the one hand you have a rational set of observations. On the other beliefs and feelings.

It's much more difficult to bring any enlightenment to someone who surrounds themselves with beliefs. Especially if those beliefs are seriously flawed. Libs have to work very hard to avoid confronting themselves with the truth.

So,it's usually a colossal waste of time arguing with them.

I do it for fun.

Patrick M said...

I'd concede the point, as it is fun to tear down their lack of logic, except that I am still young enough to think it's possible. Besides, there's a difference between the kookburgers and the libs who still have to mature.

Also, William F Buckley never stopped discussing the issues cogently to sway the swayable, so why should we?