Monday, April 28, 2008

A Milestone and a Moron

This is my 150th post. I wanted to do something special for it. Instead, I'm going to make the best of it by dealing with the greatest frustration that we face this year: Senator John "PingPong" McCain, the Republican Party Default candidate.

My boiling point with this insult to pinheads came on Friday, as I was listening to Rush go on about McCain's continued condemnation of the North Carolina GOP ad targeting gubernatorial candidates by using Senator Barack Obama and new media darling, Jeremiah Wright. For those of you who haven't seen it (because you live in a cave) enjoy:

Here are my copious problems with the situation. First of all, I have to agree in a sense with the mainstream media point that McCain seems to be unable to control the NC GOP. This is probably because there are far too many people who will only support McCain because he's the nominee, but wish that someone, anyone else (except Ron Paul) could be the nominee. However, I doubt this is a genuine strategery by him, condemning the ad, and thereby guaranteeing EVERYBODY will see it. The way McCain behaves, I'm not even sure how in the liberal bowels of Hell he got elected in the first place.

This brings me to my second issue: McCain's desire to run a "respectful" campaign. He's bitching about this, as well as the 527 groups that sprang from the money that was banned from the parties by the McCain-Feingold free speech raping bill. In trying to raise the tone of the campaign, a man with the grapefruits to survive five years of torture and mistreatment as a POW in Vietnam has become a complete pussy in dealing with the hardcore liberal machines. It is so bad, in fact, that Rush Limbaugh (no fan of McCain, I assure you) started his glorious (and hilarious) Operation Chaos to fight that battle without having to support the mindless moderate mamby-pambies of the GOP.

Finally, there's my biggest problem with the PingPong candidate: McCain's tendency to hop from right to left and left to right like the political Yop that he is. (Why does he like to hop hop hop? I do not know, go ask your pop.) The fact that he claims to be a conservative, yet is in a circle jerk with at least one liberal every other week is disturbing. I'd give you a multitude of links, but do I really have to? We're talking McCain here.

My only question is: How did we get to this place?


Shaw Kenawe said...

And on top of all that, Hillary really, really, really likes McCain!

*Bangs head on desk*

Patrick M said...

Shaw: *Bangs head on desk*

That's what we conservative have been doing since Ol PingPong got the nod.

Toad734 said...

Dude, don't listen to Rush, if ever there was a fake, hypocritical idiot it is him. He was probably high again and was talking out of his ass.

You have to ask yourself about the credibility of a guy who claims family values yet has no family and has been divorced three times. He talks about crime and the degrading morals of Americans but yet makes his maid score synthetic smack for him. And he is trying to get at the credibility of Obama over, not what Obama did or said, but someone who Obama took a few photos with?? Give me a break. Free your mind. How can you be a happy person with all that hate speech blasting in your ears all day?

Patrick M said...

Toad: I got into this with Shaw. Here's the post. That will answer most of your comments.

I will say, though, if Rush was negative and consumed with hate, I would probably not still be listening. Most people don't revel in hate speech for very long.

It's a matter of taking the positive out of his show, evaluating facts and opinions, and using judgment. And I have read and listened to Rush enough to know him pretty well.

Toad734 said...

Oh he has plenty of opinions; unfortunately they aren't based on facts. Two months ago Obama wasn't black enough and a Muslim terrorist now he's too / wrong kind of Christian and too black.

I used to have to listen to that idiot all the time. He assumes and insinuates, he doesn't discuss facts unless they are media headlines that any journalist could get out of a Cracker Jack box. Sure, Fox news has spent the last month talking about Wright almost exclusively, that speech was made forever ago and the only reason they won't shut up about it is that no one bought the line that Obama was a Muslim terrorist.

Who on this planet would actually believe Obama was racist? His mom is white and he grew up with his white grandparents in Kansas and went to mainly white Ivy League schools.

It would be like David Duke joining the NAACP.

Give me a break. I know those idiots who watch Fox buy that shit because it's on TV but come on already. If you want to attack Obama list out all the things that would make him worse than Bush and Ill let you talk all day long.

Patrick M said...

Two months ago Obama wasn't black enough and a Muslim terrorist now he's too / wrong kind of Christian and too black.

Toad: Perhaps you should deal with facts. I have been listening, including two months ago, and you are wholly wrong. At least try to be factual when you start ripping.

Now, as for Obama's racist view, I've already elaborated on my theories, and stand by it. He only came out today swinging at J Wright because the moron is doing his level best to confirm what the sound bites indicated. Before that, he did everything imaginable to not have to throw his pastor under the bus.

Now between questions on his attitude toward America and his leftist leanings (even more so than Senator PingPong), there's no question he would be a worse president than Bush. Of course you don't see it that way, but you wanted a list.

(and if you haven't noticed, I'm not too happy with the current resident of the White House either, for his big-government ways.)

Now can we get back to McCain bashing. That's FUN!!!

Toad734 said...

I would love to see a list.

Im wrong about what. People weren't saying that he was a Muslim just before the Wright video surfaced?

Toad734 said...

Do you truly believe that under Obama that the following things would happen:

1.The economy would get worse
2.The value of the dollar would get worse
3.Our civil liberties would be taken away
4.We would start even more endless wars which we couldn't win and couldn't pay for.
5. Oil prices would continue to rise
6. No bid contracts, costing the tax payers billions, would still go to Bush and Cheney's personal friends and ex business partners
7. The world would have an even less favorable view of the United States
8. We would continue to alienate our allies
9. We would a terrorist event worse than 9/11
10. More US lives would be lost than were lost of Bush's watch
11. The Government would actually get bigger
12. The deficit would continue to get bigger

Which of those do you think would happen if Obama were elected?

Sure, maybe 8 year olds would have a harder time finding Ak-47s and maybe women would preserve the freedom to choose what to do with their bodies and corporations may no longer be able to avoid paying taxes but other than that...

Patrick M said...

Here's the list, easily referenced:
1. All big-government ideas
2. wealth redistribution
3. perceptions on America

Of course you disagree, but that's my list.

Now as for inaccuracy, with the exception of crackpots, NO ONE is saying Obama is a Muslim. And everybody on the right has corrected the crackpots when they strike, including:
Mike's America
Rush Limbaugh
and Me

Now for your list:
1-5, yes
6, no, the money will go to Obama's peeps.
7. no, but I don't give a shit about that
8. We haven't alienated our allies
9. Maybe. But we haven't yet
10. will probably stay about the same
12. Yes

Also, why do you have this obsession with kids getting fully automatic weapons. I know of NO ONE who wants that. Please get off the kool-aid.

Toad734 said...

Obama doesn't have "peeps"

At least not people he owes his entire fortune to, nor does his father owe their fortune to.

Don't pretend like any other politician, including Bush, are about any smaller government.

What is Obamas perception on America. I personally attended a speech of his where he said that America was the greatest country on the planet because no where else could an outsider like him, with his non-american name and background, could he have the chance to become President. Oooh, lock up the children.

7. Really you don't care about 9/11? Our perception around the world matters, like it or not.

8. Im not talking about just Israel and Britain. We had other allies like Russia, Germany and France who snubbed us in Iraq (with good reason). Maybe if we wouldn't have pissed them off there wouldn't be so many Americans dying right now.

9. see above

10 How could we loose more lives if we didn't have American targets in Iraq for them to shoot at?

11.Bigger than Bush's government?? Thats hard to top.
12. Bill Clinton balanced our budget, Bush cut taxes which the country couldn't afford and started a terribly expensive war. Without a war, and Rich people haveing to pay taxes again, how would the deficit get bigger?? Are you really worried that Obama is going to take away Exxon and ADMs welfare and give it to single moms? If he did, we would cut our expenses in half and probably reduce crime in the process.

Patrick M said...

Sometimes you can't tell when I'm joking and when I'm not. Barry has peeps. J Wright ain't one of them anymore, though.

There are politicians out there in favor of shrinking government. But they are few and far between. That's why I'm so challenged to find a sane candidate this year.

As for Obama's perception on America, that's what the whole J Wright thing, the San Francisco comments, and all the other little nitpicking things are about. I don't know what's in his heart, but I have lots of questions he hasn't answered.

Now on to the list:

7-9. We can get our allies straight by doing what we say we're going to do. Even if some people don't like us, if we do right, then good people will respect us. I'd rather we are respected than liked. Here, consistency would serve us best.

10. I'd have to look it up, but there was a story about casualties over the last 25 years. And the numbers between peacetime and wartime were not statistically different. The difference is that we get casualty benchmarks every so often so we know how many soldiers have died in Iraq.

11. yes, and Obama can do it.

12. Are you referring to the balanced budget that was only achieved (and the numbers are suspect here) with the Republican-led Congress who actually puts the budget together. And as for the war, again, it's a matter of shuffling numbers. We're paying most of that anyway just in military operations. And as for the taxes.... I'll assume you know my opinions there. But this insane system of redistributing income sure won't help. Kind of like those rebate checks.

Dee said...

How did we get to this place, indeed!!!!!!!

Dee said...

Oh, and Congrats on the Blog Milestone!!