Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Operation Chaos (A View from the Bleachers)

Yesterday, I had to make a long drive (with 2 toddlers!) to get a transmission for my crippled car. So, as a consequence, I heard a more consistent block of Rush Limbaugh than I usually do, as those children in the backseat usually interrupt my thoughts incessantly by being really cute. As usual Rush was going on about his "Operation Chaos", a cncerted effort by Republican voters to keep Hillary and Obama at each other al the way to the convention, and maybe beyond. In the wake of GOP crossover votes (as though the dems didn't do this to help McCain) in Ohio and Texas, there are complaints being raised from Democrats, and even threats of prosecution (probably in the home of voting stupidity, Cleveland) here in the great state of Ohio. So, since I have been following this, as well as watching (and laughing hysterically) the political bloodletting that continues in the battle for the Democrat nomination, I shall treat you to analysis and cheap shots at all the candidates that matter. (Tough shit, Ron and Ralph)

First, Operation Chaos appears to be working. The goal was to keep Hillary and Barack beating the hell out of each other. Mission Accomplished! If one is not facing questions about his pastor, the other is spinning stories about snipers in Bosnia. What this does is to keep revealing bad things (real or perceived) about the Democrat candidates. Meanwhile, McCain (who still has not wrapped up the conservative base) only shows up on TV to get endorsements (Nancy Reagan most recently) and looks good by comparison. And Rush isn't forced to have to support McCain, allowing the default candidate to be more likely to win (again) by default.

As is often the case in politics, perception is sometimes better than reality. Of the two candidates, I still like Obama better, but I suspect Hillary is less likely to steer the country onto a sandbar and beach us where someone can throw rocks at us. But I don't want either of them to win. I also don't want McCain to win, but I want him to lose less than either Democrat. So instead of wasting time on McCain, let's talk about the Democrats:

First, Senator Clinton. There are three things that fill me with joy here. First, the media has abandoned her. Even the traditional (liberal) media has been hammering her in a way they never did with her husband. The Bosnia story is an example of this. The lesson she has yet to learn is: Don't lie (or misremember) with the Internet generation. Second, so many former Clinton administration people have stepped in behind Obama, I just have to laugh, especially Judas of the Week, Bill Richardson. Judas himself was never so welcome to weigh in. And third, with all these people turning on her, spin is being redefined back to lying. Oh how glad I am to see this.

Senator Obama. While he's finally getting away from the uber-albatross that was the Wright controversy, it marks the end of Obamamania. I have always thought that Obama, despite masterful oratory skills, was still a fairly green politician. And since he is now in the spotlight on a daily basis, I am predicting here that we will see him become less polished as the pressure builds. Eventually, by the time the convention rolls around, he too may have to deposit his testicles in Hillary's testicle lockbox. But that's just a prediction.

So that's the way I see it. I now await both cogent thoughts from insightful readers and inane blather from disputatious toads.


Mike's America said...

As Rush said, Democrats use this tactic against us and threaten voters with prosecution if we do the same.

Have they no shame?

Patrick M said...

Of course not. They're Democrats. Cleveland Democrats, probably.