Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Happy McCain Slogan and Bumper Sticker Post

Since it is becoming evident that John McCain will become the Republican nominee and that all good Republicans are expected to fall into the party line and march lockstep with the leadership and the liberal wing of the party, I shall do so. After all, what is more important, winning with a bad candidate or losing with a good candidate? Exactly. We must win no matter the candidate.

So on this note, I offer to anyone who has followed orders and consumed the McCain Kool-Aid to spread the word. And to help you, I have come up with a number of slogans campaign lines, and usable quotes for your use. Just remember to link back to me so that all McCainiacs can drone together:

John McCain, One Amendment Down and Counting

Undocumented Proletariat for McCain

The Governator can beat up Chuck Norris, Vote McCain!

I don't work to make money, neither should you. Vote McCain

Missing your brain? Vote McCain! (for the lobotomy vote)

John McCain in 2000 2008, It's my turn!

No tax cuts for you!!! (for Seinfeld fans out there)

John McCain: Reaching across the aisle (to Republicans) for 25 years

John McCain, Just Like REAGAN. Old! Like REAGAN.

Let's "Gang" up on 'm in '08, Vote McCain

McCain in '08, Bipartisan Butt-Surfing for All

I want to hear more. Please share your slogans, as we have no choice now but to hop on the Straight Talk Express.

Honestly, I can see these slogans showing up in September or October too. You were warned.

Finally, here's a good line for McCain to use if there if he has another debate with Mitt Romney:

Governor, I served with Ted Kennedy; I know Ted Kennedy; Ted Kennedy is a friend of mine. Governor, You're no Ted Kennedy!

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