Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Since most people, including the Presidential candidates, will be spending time paying attention to the game today, I'll just share whatever things I might have missed this week and not worry about being too serious.

First, something related to football: Senator Arlen Specter has questioned the NFL as to why tapes from the spy incident involving the New England Patriots were destroyed. If I were Commissioner Roger Goodel, I would respectfully tell Senator Specter to go to hell. As usual, Congress and its members are finding new ways to inject government oversight into something. The amount of time and money Congress spends on 'investigating' shit that it should not waste its time on is utterly ridiculous. The fact is that most members of Congress wouldn't know the concept of 'limited government' if it bit them in the ass, then beat them about the head with a brick wrapped in the Constitution. Noted exception to this is, of course, Ron Paul. But he's nucking futs.

I found a second reason to vote for Huckabee, the first being the FairTax: If he takes a vow to appoint Chuck Norris, who was on Hannity and Colmes after the State of the Union address, as his Secretary of Defense. I know I wouldn't want to mess with us if I was a terrorist and I thought Chuck would come over and kick my ass personally. I was waiting to see if he was going to kick Sean's ass for everything Sean has been saying about Huckabee on the radio. I was hoping he would kick Alan's ass for Alan being Alan.

I was watching clips of Teddy Kennedy giving his endorsement of Barack Obama. This reminded me of earlier in the day, when I first got to hear the usual blather from the hard-drinking, fast-driving Senator from Massachusetts. I naturally started imitating him, substituting 'blah, blah, blah' in a drunken gurgle instead of words. My almost two-year-old daughter started laughing and imitating me. And she already speaks better than Teddy. Of course, she did so after her first word, too, so......

Al Sharpton came out and told Bill Clinton to shut up. Amen. Bill Clinton, at a campaign stop, had one of the 9/11 'inside job' idiots start yelling out their blather. He told the doofus to go away. Amen again. This is just a reminder that even the liberals get it right once in a while.

Ann Coulter, on Hannity and Colmes, said if McCain gets the GOP nod, she'll campaign for Hillary. I'm just wondering if anybody would be kind enough to hit her upside the head. I won't support McCain, but Hillary will have to win on her own.

The Senate balked on the stimulus package, leaving it hang out there. I generally like it when Congress doesn't get things done. I wish they had done this over a spending package, rather than the 'free money' stimulus bill. But I'm sure they'll find a way to make it cost more.

So on to the game. I think I'll have to root for the Giants, as they are the underdog. But I'm working until 10, so I guess I'll miss the commercials. Darn.

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