Sunday, February 24, 2008

Politics is Too Funny for Me to be Serious

Okay, there's not much I have to say, as we are in a lull in politics, the candidates are spreading themselves between Ohio and Texas, and I have no horse in this race. So time for some more comic relief until I get up a head of steam about something.

Mike Huckabee decided to take his campaign to another level of nothing with an appearance on Saturday Night Live. I'm not sure what this is supposed to do at this point. Barack Obama showed up there early on in the race, and it gave him exposure he already had. However, Huck-a-duck is in the twilight of his campaign, clinging pointlessly to hope until McCain officially gets the delegates he's going to get. I almost turned on the TV, but my nephew was over and I let him watch pro wrestling instead. At least I'm not legitimizing his existence by watching

So I was flipping through radio channels on Saturday afternoon, looking for my talk radio fix, and I turn on a rock station and hear a letter from rocker Henry Rollins, addressed to Ann Coulter. Now while I often agree politically with Ann, she does come off as a total psycho far too often to take her seriously. I found the clip below. I will warn you there is a little explicit language (of course you read my shit so you're used to it) and it's from a liberal, but Ann really has really earned it. Like the time on Hannity and Colmes she said she'd campaign for Hillary, there are too many instances where she's gone for pure shock value. So I had to share this humorous, venomous rant. Plus, imagining her in this way was way too funny.

Okay, that's enough for me. I've got the day off and I have kids, so I don't have the day off. Ever.


Toad734 said...

But isn't that what she wants? Not for herself but for other women? Its always like that. Bush has a 0 waste/carbon imprint house in TX but its not good enough for any of us. Rush wants everyone to get married and have kids and be drug free but not him, hes been divorced three times, has no kids and is a former Oxy Contin addict. Oreilly talks about morals but tries to bone interns and have phone sex with them. Ted Haggard want's to cure homosexuals and be a christian but as it turns out, he is a homosexual and not a christian (i dont think christ smoked meth and bought male prostitutes). Newt Gingrich rallied against Bill Clintons infidelity at the same time he was having an affair. And thus, you see the problem with all your conservative heroes; its all a facade, it sells and you buy it.

Patrick M said...

Shit. Where do I begin with this mess?

I'm not going to defend Ann, as she's a nut.

I have no idea what you're saying about Bush. It has something to do with the global warming scam, but you went incoherent.

Rush promotes marriage and family. He also said he doesn't want children. That's a personal choice. As for the oxycontin, addiction sucks.

The O'Reilly thing, as far as I know, appears to have no merit. In other words, it's political hacks coming up with thin stories.

Newt I won't defend. It's sad that people who stand for the family choose to piss on their vows. But again, the revision. While Clinton's (serial) infidelity was tasteless, the problem was with his dishonesty under oath.

As for Ted Haggard, I had to look his dumb ass up. He's an evangelist. Those kind of people are too often full of shit. So I don't even know why you stuck him in the list.

And it's the same in general with liberal heroes. I could cite examples of hypocrisies there as well. But running laundry lists of crap does nothing to further the argument.

But I know you had to be laughing as Henry Rollins described making Ann his bitch. I know I did.