Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The First Post (w/rules)

Since this will be my first post, i figure a couple of ground rules are in order. First, this is a blog concerning cogent thought, not candidate bashing. The only people I (or anybody) should bash are the truly stupid. Second, I will be (and will expect replies to be) respectful toward anyone of note mentioned.

With that, I have to cheer on former President Bill Clinton for telling nutjobs of the kook left to shut up. I've noticed that a lot of really ignorant people have taken it upon themselves to interrupt political speeches by spouting garbage at the speaker. Unfortunately, only the liberals that get interrupted can manage to continue. I have yet to see those on the conservative side have the balls to shout down these intellectually challenged morons.

And on a related note: If you've seen the footage of the Code Pink idiot running up to Condoleeza Rice with bloody hands screaming 'war criminal' then i have an image for you to take away with you. What I would have liked to see happen is this: When the Code Pinko came running up, Condi should have pulled back, and busted the bitch in the mouth as hard as she could. I think that would have send a message that this destruction of free speech by nonsnsical rant is what is dragging politics out of the gutter, through the sewer, and into a large vat of shit far, far away.

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