Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun Friday Free-For-All

Okay, let's wrap up the week, as there are enough odds and ends out there, and I want to get a laugh or two:

The Space Shuttle Returns: Space Shuttle Atlantis landed Wednesday after another International Space Station construction mission. I realized, on that day, that my children will only read about the space shuttle program, while I have grown up with it, including being a student in school, watching as Challenger was lost in 1986. NASA, despite being a government agency, still has a special place in my heart, thus will not be ripped on until they mess up.

"All the News That's Full of Shit": The New York times has managed to prove how hypocritical they are and how low they will go in pursuit of an agenda. You pointedly avoided covering the Clinton iniquities (and there are so many to choose from) then plaster a flimsy tabloid story about a candidate you endorsed on your front page. Sad, sad, sad.

John and Vickie, sitting in a tree....: First of all, if it's true, I don't care. It's not going to change my opinion of McCain, unless he comes out and says, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Been there, heard that. Second, if there's a real story, I hope it either really breaks or goes the hell away. Let's get back to ripping McCain for his real faults.

A Line in the Sand: It took a shit story from the Times to get the conservatives to really defend John McCain. I don't feel any love for him, but the whole attempt at a bimbo eruption has given the right wing talkers and bloggers a reason to get behind McCain for something. The liberal talkers are trying to work the lobbyist angle, despite the contents of the article.

Reality Check: Hillary, Mike, it's time for you two to go. You're just sucking the energy from your parties as they begin to prepare for the general election battle. It's starting to look selfish, especially on the part of Huck-a-Duck. But Hillary could still theoretically win, but at the cost of the election and the party's health. The Hillary people should tuck her in burlap for another four years. And Mike's people should tell him to go Huck himself.

Global Warming is Good: All I know is that it is cold outside, there's an assload of snow, ice on the way, and it's been this way for two months. I could use some global warming. I don't care if the ice caps melt. That would wipe out Florida, New York, and the left coast. In other words, places where people who don't think like me live. Not the biggest loss.

Finally, I heard this first from Rush, then somebody sent me the link.

This is me. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to start a blog called Patrick M Shuts The Fuck Up, and hopefully, you will.

Patrick M said...

Finally, some dickless anonymous doltimax decided to bother me. This is the kind of hate-spewing vermin that troll about the internet and waste all our time. And they're too cowardly to fess up to being pussies.

I would delete this comment, but it serves to illustrate the mindlessness of people with limited vocabulary, no ability to reason, and an utter inability to get laid. Or the average Ron Paul supporter.

Also, this is the first asshole to fail to start shit so I'll remember it fondly.