Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union - 2008

To analyze every nuance of the State of the Union Address would be redundant, as I had to just hit the bullet points while I was at work during most of the speech and had to hear analysis first. So instead of going over everything, I'm going to just give you every reaction that comes to my head. Prepare for the miscellaneous.

First of all, the speech. President Bush hit the usual conservative themes, getting the thumbs up on cutting taxes and earmarks. Of course there was the standard smorgasbord of new spending, some good (veterans) and some bad (green tech and anything with the word compassion in it). The overall reaction, other than the partisan reaction is almost always good, as it's more show than substance generally. Look at the mega speeches of Bill Clinton. Clinton did great there. And since he was never constrained by anything resembling honesty, he could pretty much say whatever sold that day. So I don't necessarily

The Democrat response, delivered by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius, was as bland and unexciting as the opposing response usually is. Why it gets covered at all is beyond me. Unfortunately, I was in the car on the way home during that snoozefest. Somehow, I avoided falling asleep at the wheel and made it home.

But, as usual, the analysis will go on until the returns start pouring in from the state of Florida (or Floriduh if I hear one mention of hanging chads). So I'll let the rest of you pick over the remaining bits of Bush's Presidency, and dedicate the rest of today, pointing out observations of the audience, as I, through the miracle of rebroadcast and attempts by Fox News to fill space, will get to watch the speech in its entirety after a couple hours of analysis:

The camera cut away from Senator Clinton during remarks about health care. If it had only stayed there, I could have read her lips, inaccurately to be something about universal health care and how big she would mandate the rectal thermometers for Republicans should be.

Ted Kennedy was either asleep fifteen minutes in, or was trying to shake off the many post-endorsement toasts for Barack Obama. Representative John Dingle was passed out too. Did he make the mistake of trying to drink Teddy under the table?

John McCain was conspicuously absent, so I'm assuming it's because he's banking on becoming President by the complete destruction of Washington. I'm hoping that this is the best chance he has of becoming President.

The Republicans got more exercise than the Democrats this year, with the usual array of standing ovations. This means the Democrats need more exercise this year. Make of that what you will.

Finally, I think Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi were playing footsie during most of the speech. Scary, I know. But I had that goofy of an idea pop into my head, so I couldn't waste it. Just think about it. Go on. Okay, that's enough.

Now, back to the election....


Gayle said...

Saw your comment over at Dee's. I hope her troll doesn't follow me home, but if he does he's toast! Perverts like him is why I employ comment moderation.

My goodness, Cheney playing footsy with Pelosi??? Is that why she's always chewing on her lower lip and mumbling? LOL!

Patrick M said...

I want that troll to come here. I live for flaming the unintelligent. It makes my heart lighter.